my personal experience with the fascia blaster


I have been putting this off for a while, partly because I am a freaken busy mom!  I really want everyone to know that my review of the FasciaBlaster is 100% genuine based on my personal experience with the actual use of it!  I noticed that some people were thinking that my main FasciaBlaster review was written strictly as a sponsored post (absolutely untrue).  I honestly think my (English Major) is partly to blame for coming off as a perfectionist in some of my reviews.  I love to write, it’s my life.  I do a lot of writing.  Anyways back to the FasciaBlaster!

fascia and me

When I initially found the FasciaBlaster it was before people were going gaga over it!  I would dare to say it was still in it’s unknown stage, kind of when it was first  really developing its “cellulite reduction” fame!  It actually was made for arthritis; but women started trying it on their thighs and bellies and found out that this little piece of equipment was a God sent and was helping them lose weight and smooth out cellulite!  I was thinking to myself, no way, I don’t believe it!  But then I tried it!

It arrived within a few days and I was slathering on the baby oil and hoping for magic to happen!  It gave me a sensation that I am now still addicted to a year later every time I use it!  I try to use it right after a hot shower; sometimes I forget and would get dressed and be like damn it, and start all over again.  But I made sure I stayed consistent, because that is when the magic happens!   Take it from me, it’s not instant, you have to be consistent!  You probably won’t see results in 3 days, some do; but everyone has different skin and fascia!

My first week, I’m not gonna lie, it hurt and I was bruised!  I looked into why it was hurting and if I needed to change what I was doing!  What I found out is that (especially in the beginning) you got to take it easy, although they say it will hurt a bit and some bruising will occur.  So I was actually relieved to know that this was a part of the process.  My bruising went away within 4 or 5 days; but occasionally I would get more bruising here and there; but I noticed something!  I noticed that the places that I was bruising in would fade and my cellulite would look less along with the healing process.

In the next several weeks, I started to use the FasciaBlaster on my stomach and the front of my legs (meanwhile, I had been using it on my back for pain).  Yes, it helps with pain, I use it on my neck tension pain also.  I became adapted to a routine schedule of using it quickly after my shower during the week!  I never use it on the weekend, everyone’s home and there’s too many needs flyin around!  So I stick to using it during the week when my baby is taking a nap, it only takes maybe 10 minutes.  Once you get used to using it, it becomes apart of getting ready for the day!


I started to see results within about a week and a half, maybe sooner, but it became real at that point, that this is doing something and I like it!  Honestly it did not take away all my cellulite and make my problem areas vanish; but what it has done is reduced dimples (I notice that it helps for the first several hours after use the most) this is when I see the biggest difference.  This might be why a model or celebrity would use it right before a shoot because it does help effectively for several hours after use.  I have found out that it helps to keep my thighs looking a bit tighter as long as I am using it consistently in the same area every time.  I can report that using this on my neck where I feel tension at the end of the day works great and relieves stress for me.  Something else that I love it for is that the days that I use it I not only feel better about myself; but I also have a boost of energy (I think it is partly from increased blood flow).


The techniques that I use are basically exactly what Ashley Black recommends.  I make sure that I do back and forth straight as possible strokes with some pressure.  I use lots of oil and I have tried many of them!  Anything really works, I just wanted something that would step up the game to reduce my cellulite!  So I am using h-cellulite formula.  I found this oil and decided to try it based on all the great reviews!   no one asked me to try it.  I think it really helps to make my bum as smooth as a baby’s butt; along with the fascia blaster 🙂


let me tell you a little story:

My sister and I met for breakfast for the first time in a long time and she was telling about how one of her friends was raving to her about this tool that helps with muscle pain and cellulite.  By the way: my sister knows I blog, but she never really looked at my site 🙁 lol..  Anyway, her friend was going on for days to her about this thing and how she should use it too and I said: “FasciaBlaster?” and my sister was like yea, you have one too!  Omg, I felt a little guilty that I didn’t get her one or share more about it with her, but you have to understand my family (not gonna go there, that’s for a whole notha blog!)…  I had been living in Florida for several years and my family is up north.  So I showed her and I’m like well that is so awesome to hear the love from random users of the fasciablaster!  So I think I better buy my sister one for christmas!

i’m gonna get “real” for a minute:

I have heard from some disappointed ladies out there and have read a few negative things here and there -for instance:  like it’s not what it’s cracked up to be, it didn’t help me lose a bunch of weight.  No surprise there, the FasciaBlaster is not going to suddenly make you shed 50 pounds in 3 months.  It was created to smooth out fascia and enable more joint movement without pain, also develop healthier muscle mass through better blood flow and nerve activity.  There is nothing on earth that can turn a person’s body into exactly what you want without work.  The fasciablaster has proven to be my little sidekick in this healthful living endeavor.  I’m gonna tell you right now, if you are serious and are willing to put in the effort and time it takes to see results (just like for everything in life); the FasciaBlaster will payoff!

I will be back on here to continue following up!  Please comment, I would love to hear about your results or questions, I’ve been doing this for a year now and I am pretty dang happy with my results!


Any Tips, Experiences, or Questions? Please Comment Below!