I have long hair, and it gets dry at the ends, in between trims.  I need something for dry hair!

Just Natural Skincare for hair!  They have something for every imaginable hair condition you can think!  Because my hair is long, I need something for dry hair!

Proteins and Vitamins Hair Treatment

just natural skincare for hair!

Anyone can use this, it’s not just for dry hair!  It’s really a treatment for anyone who wants to give life and longevity back to your hair.  Preserving and strengthening your hair at the follicle root with daily nutrients!  You’re gonna have better hair then someone who is not doing this!  Give it a try and make sure to come back and comment about your experience!

I love putting my showered hair in a loose braid slathered in a good conditioner over night.  I wake up with wavy, soft and great smelling hair.  Now I take my nightly vitamins by mouth and in my hair!

I kind of got in a drugstore rut for my hair care (nothing against drugstore products and brands, but honey -I don’t have as many choices..)  Recently, I’ve gone la’ natural and I don’t mean using nothing.  I’m using only all natural hair care.  Though my staple shampoo and conditioner will probably always be Herbal Essences, I am really loving the way my hair is feeling and looking with full blown natural ingredients!

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I know my camera sucks, it’s my iphone, I’m saving for a better camera so I can upload more pictures!

I have searched long and hard to find a natural product for my hair!  It’s always too greasy, or smells like something you don’t want to walk around smelling like, if you get my drift, haha…  But I keep trying freaken everything.  Finally I ran into Just Natural Skincare and they have hair care too!  They have a huge assortment of choices, even color treatment, dandruff treatment, grey hair, hair growth, frizzy, itchy, among others–see all the choices here.   they even have some awesome hair cleansers and treatments for your doggy (too cool!)  Your baby (pup) can be treated well with every wash too!
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It’s healthier and more beneficial for your hair!  Rather then a quick fix waxy based product that later you regret!  Chemicals do more damage then good!  I must admit I use some products with chemicals, but I do watch which ones and I am very aware of the toxicity of them.  So to find a natural hair product that works just as good but is actually good for my hair, I am in!

Once you use a natural hair product verse a chemical based one, you’ll notice a big difference!  

100% Natural Made in USA

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