I finally got the guts to show you some of my results, which I am so proud of; but it’s also embarrassing to show how bad things were for me before I started using the FasciaBlaster™!


The FasciaBlaster is a tool that is meant for loosening the fascia around the joints in order to relieve joint pain due to arthritis conditions.  This is a tool that is multi-functional proven to reduce joint pain, muscle soreness and under development and cellulite and fat bulge.  The FasciaBlaster can help to smooth out dimples and pockets of uneven skin caused by cellulite.


  • Breaks up fascia, releasing fat bulges
  • Smooths out the fascial sheath below the skin
  • Enables better and more natural formation of skin
  • Fat does not push through the fascia causing uneven appearance
  • Cellulite is diminished or lessened
  • Skin looks more vibrant and smoother
  • Muscle definition shows through

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I have been using the FasciaBlaster for over a year now and would not want to live without it now that I have experienced such good results!  I use it 3 to 5 times a week mostly on my butt and thighs (where I have the most cellulite).  I’ve tried different techniques and had the most success with the ones from the video here!

I really like how Ashley explains exactly how she uses it on herself!  I have especially worked on that little crease where the butt and the hamstring meets exactly as she is doing in the video and have noticed awesome results!  I never had that great of definition between my bum cheeks and thighs, so finally seeing much more of a defined booty from doing her technique consistently is such a victory for me.

Here’s a post that has some good videos that I have used for better technique:  



Bruising is totally normal!  When I first started using the FasciaBlaster, my whole bum and down my thighs had spots of bruising!  It’s not concern for alarm!  As Ashley says, take a break (I took a day or two off) and then continued with those straight firm strokes; which is what makes the biggest difference!

Q    Why am I bruising with initial use?

A      I have been asked by quite a few of you why you are bruising when you first begin using the FasciaBlaster.  I reassure you this is a normal reaction.  I got bruising also in the beginning and I still get bruising but it gets less and less the more I use it.  Every new spot will usually bruise.  Whenever capillaries (tiny blood vessels) under the skin are broken or ruptured due to any kind of trauma.  Fat is being released that was being encapsulated in the cells, this can cause bruising when the macrophage tissue (stationary form of tissue) digests the red blood cells.  A body with a higher percentage of fat then muscle is going to bruise more -because there are more (stationary tissue, that can absorb the red blood cells).  Women often bruise more in the fattier areas!  It’s very normal!   Take a day or two off and then begin again, it does subside.  Just remember it is not a matter of how hard you push down, but rather the repetition of motion and pressure together.  Also as you use the fasciablaster more your bruising should become less, especially if you use the fasciablaster in conjunction with a workout!  The more muscle you have, the less you will bruise.


I use the FasciaBlaster after my shower, next I sit down for a couple minutes continuing with firm strokes.  Sitting while using it can helps with balancing for certain areas, then I lay down and do a few more minutes with the same strokes consistently.

When I am done I rub on a little more H-Cellulite Formula.

Q   What Type of oil should I use for the FasciaBlaster to work correctly?

A      You can use practically any oil.  I use an anti-cellulite oil called h cellulite which specifically targets the reduction of cellulite.  It works really well, it’s not a thick sticky oil, it absorbs quickly, and smells good.  By using the fasciablaster in combination with essential oils for cellulite and stretch marks you are definitely going to get better results, no doubt about it!  


The second day that I used the FasciaBlaster, you can see lot of red and bruising, yikes…embarrassing!

none of my pictures are photoshopped or altered in any way!

After the first couple uses of the FasciaBlaster



The bruising and red areas are from using the FasciaBlaster.  In the beginning it caused quite a bit of bruising and reddened skin.  I was using an almond oil and tried a couple other ones in the  beginning and then I switched to a targeted anti-cellulite oil, which I mentioned above!


AFTER…a couple weeks

fascia change

These results were not effected by diet or exercise!  Nothing in my routine changed except using the FasciaBlaster and an anti-cellulite oil!

AFTER APPROX. 30 DAYS of Using The FasciaBlaster!


I’ve come a long way in the last month and a half!  Just over 30 days, it looks and feels like my rear is more full, rounded looking verses the pockets and dimpling in the before pic!  I have noticed that I have to keep using it to maintain results and I do get periodic bruising; but I have gotten much more gentle about it and I am still getting good results and less bruising.


So obviously I am real woman who has been using the FasciaBlaster™ and getting results!  It does not matter your size or how severe your cellulite is, The FasciaBlaster is a tool that can get great results for anyone who uses it consistently and follows Ashley’s techniques!

The very best anti cellulite oil to use with the Fasciablaster is H-Cellulite Formula:

Also a great oil to use with the FasciaBlaster for muscle pain is:

Amazing Ayurveda Premium Massage Oil – Muscle Relaxant, 6.8 Fl.oz – $14.99

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The FasciaBlaster is $89 and a 60 day money back guarantee!  So if you want to try it and see if it works for you -try it for 2 months without risk!




  1. Carmelina Deliso says:

    I have been blasting for a month now and I have to say im not happy I still have alot of cellulite and on top of it bruising. I fascia blaster for about minutes each thigh. I want to get into shorts so bad. I even started dieting and exercising. sometimes I look down and I see it is less then when im looking in the mirror it looks like alot. I dont think Im doing it incorrectly I have seen so many videos. Please Help me

  2. Hey Carmelina,
    When I was bruising a lot I stopped until the bruising was almost completely faded. When I started back up again, I did not dig or use it too firmly; but consistent strokes in the same direction. I would recommend to integrate the fasciablaster into a workout routine. It boosts blood flow and together with an active lifestyle you are going to get quicker results. In my post FASCIABLASTER PROTOCOL PLUS MY TIPS I talk about different things that I have added to my usual lifestyle to enhance the effects of the fasciablaster! I have been using the FasciaBlaster quite a bit longer then a month and it has made a difference in the deepness of my cellulite pockets and little dimpling around my thighs. I also recommend the h-cellulite formula, which I use every time I use the FasciaBlaster! I’ll send you a private email with a little more of a personal message too, I don’t want to leave you hanging. I almost gave up on the fasciablaster in the beginning too, so I do understand!

  3. Hi there 🙂
    1. Once you start using it and see the results….do you have to continue on the routine forever? Or does your body adapt?
    2. If the answer to above is yes, (you have to use forever)….what if you quit? Does the cellulite get even worse then before?
    You look great by the way…thx for your help!

  4. Hey thanks Penni!
    It’s definitely recommended to keep using it, I haven’t tried quitting for good. I went for a period of time that I didn’t use it and kind of noticed that it wasn’t as smoothed out. The easiest thing for me is to take it in the bathroom with my oil and after my shower I quickly use it! It takes me about 6 to 8 minutes and use straight strokes. I don’t think that your cellulite would come back worse if you quit; but I would use it routinely for best results!

  5. Carmelina Deliso says:

    HI Molly,

    Im starting to see the difference when I look at my legs but why is it when I look in the mirror it appears to have more cellulite than when Im looking directly at my legs

  6. I don’t know why it looks worse in your mirror -I would take a picture or have someone take a picture of you to get another perspective! That’s what I do and this way you can track the difference too! Are you using an oil that targets cellulite reduction? And if you just started or are only a month in, just stick with it and you’ll see better and better change over more time!

Any Tips, Experiences, or Questions? Please Comment Below!