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Honey Masks are known to soothe and heal, but did you know that when you mix up Honey & Aspirin they work magic together to smooth and refine your skins appearance!




You would think that the world has the perfect mask somewhere right?  I have searched, I have spent kazillions on a ton of different beauty products, but masks in particular.  I am gonna share with you my secret skin saver, not to mention the cheapest mask I’ve ever used.  I have always thought ~well if it is that cheap, it’s got to be low grade crap!  Many products are exactly that, inexpensive because they have cheap ingredients that just aren’t that effective.  However I am talking about natural stuff (ya know from the earth).  Two ingredients Aspirin and Honey you can concoct into your own mask!  Omg this mask is incredible, I feel like it works magically because it makes such a difference in about 20 minutes.



I’ve tried it with honey often, which I love, and then I moved onto grapeseed oil which I really love!  I go with what I feel the condition of my skin is at the moment.  Here’s the difference between using the honey or grapeseed oil:

Honey :  Antibacterial & Soothing  ~ Acne or Oily skin


Grapeseed oil:  Anti-inflammatory & Antioxidant ~ Dry or Damaged skin



Acetylsalicylic acid  -did you catch that? {salicylic acid is an exfoliating agent} The good thing about salicylic acid is that it actually penetrates the pore and exfoliates deep inside, leaving your skin silky smooth and usually a little lighter shade (because it removes dead skin cells).


With the honey make sure that it is pure and organic (this way it maintains it’s most valuable stage).  To be clear you want to use Organic Raw Honey and Bayer Aspirin  (honestly it’s the best).  I use 1 to 2 Tbsp of the honey and 4 to five aspirin.

Kevala Organic Raw Oaxaca Honey



Naterre Grapeseed Oil

{If you want the mixture to work at it’s highest efficacy ~mix the best quality products together}





Step 1  Use a clean bowl!  Set the aspirin in the bowl and drop about 5 to 10 minimal drops of warm water over the aspirin.  Allow to dissolve.

Step 2  Add the honey and gently mix around with your clean finger!  Mix honey and aspirin until as blended as possible (you still will see maybe a little graininess from the aspirin).

Step 3  Before any application on your face wrap your hair up.  You don’t want this in your hair.  It won’t hurt your hair, it’s just a mess!  Gently dab it on your clean face.  I put it on thick.  Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes.  Rinse with warm water.


Don’t rub your face with a rough towel.  Just pat it, in fact I only dry the edges of my face and let the delicate portion air dry.  Usually I smooth on a little bit of moisturizer while my face is still drying!  My gentle face cleansing routine has proven to be most beneficial to me:)

To some of you this whole rigmarole is just not worth it ~ try this ~ .  You will get great results and  prettier packaging  + less time and mess invested!

2 thoughts on “HONEY MASK

  1. I’m running to the store to get the grapeseed oil and the asprin but, I am really using it on my arms and legs. Due to a serious illness that I’m in the process of recovering from, my skin has been in crises mode for almost 5 years. It not only hurts all the time but it breaks my heart to even look at it. I know the skin is the largest organ but everything else has improved over the last 2 years but my skin just gets worse. It acts as though its not shedding any dead cells and the pain of clothing and bedding is a nightmare. Its painful and makes me very self-consious and if this will improve it even 10%, it will be worth it. Any advice before I try this?

  2. Hi Tina,
    I am so sorry my laptop crashed and I just got my new one today! Please understand I was not ignoring you! I feel for you and your skin condition! I have had my fair share of cystic acne, rashes, and oily skin! Have you seen a dermatologist? The aspirin (salicylic acid) can help with exfoliation, and it is a better choice for sensitive skin vs hydroxy acid; however if you are suffering from an inner imbalance currently as you recover, you may want to consider maybe an anti inflammatory like an omega 3 regularly! Using an omega 3 has helped my more severe skin conditions considerably! I have only used the aspirin/honey mask and the aspirin/grapeseed oil mask on my face and chest and it worked great. You may want to test a little area first and make sure you don’t have any kind of aversion to the aspirin. I hope all goes well for you! Let me know!

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