Have you heard of L-Lysine for Acne?

Have you heard of L-Lysine for Acne?

I have recently been reading about L-lysine for acne sufferers! I know that essential amino acids are the building blocks for healthy skin cell production and many other things, but particularly L-lysine is can help people clear breakouts.  Lysine is known fairly well as a treatment for coldsores, also taken to enhance athletic performance.  It is not as commonly talked about as the -go to- for acne, but many nutritionalist doctors advise their patients with acne to take a L-lysine supplement.

What is L-Lysine?

L-lysine is an essential amino acid (which means our body does not produce it on our own), this is important to know, because this means our L-lysine content is dependent on our diet.  It works to develop antibodies and vital antiviral properties.

“Lysine is an amino acid found in the protein of foods such as beans, cheese, yogurt, meat, milk, brewer’s yeast, wheat germ, and other animal proteins. Proteins derived from grains such as wheat and corn tend to be low in lysine content. The bioavailability of lysine is reduced with food preparation methods, such as heating foods in the presence of a reducing sugar (ie, fructose or glucose); heating foods in the presence of sucrose or yeast; and cooking in the absence of moisture at high temperatures.”  drugs.com

What Does it Do?

Lysine is essential for proper growth and helps in producing carnitine (an essential nutrient for the production of energy).  It enables the body to absorb calcium adequately and encourages healthy cell formation.  This “rarely mentioned” protein could be a miracle skin saver!

“Collagen products are mainly based on the body’s access to four amino acids: lysine, methionine, glycine and proline. These are the same amino acids that produce keratin, the protein that protects skin cells from external factors such as stress, damage, cold or any other factor that might kill the cells.”           home remedy.com 

How to Use L-Lysine for Acne:

In addition to making sure that your diet is not lacking in a well rounded variety of proteins, you can also take L-Lysine in a supplement form.  It’s super cheap!

Have you heard of L-Lysine for Acne?

The recommended dosage:

“There is currently no official recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for lysine. It is estimated, however, that the daily requirement for an adult is approximately 12 mg per kilogram (2.2 lb) of body weight.”  wholehealthmd.com

I personally take L-lysine 1000mg everyday and it is making a positive difference for my overall skin appearance!

Where to Get L-Lysine?

You can get it at your local pharmacy or you can order it here and I will get a small commission for directing you to evitamins, which is a reliable site that I have ordered many supplements from!   It is really worth adding to your regimen and many doctors will suggest it for acne prone individuals.

Have you heard of L-Lysine for Acne?

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