GEL V Review


Gel V Formula!

GEL V Review

Some of us have areas we need to smooth out and tighten up just a bit!  Whether you’re a new mom or you’re shedding a couple pounds and want to manage loose skin or stretch marks!  Vanna Belt developed her Gel V line for the purpose of tightening and firming your entire body and/or targeted problem areas!  Used most often for targeting the reduction of loose skin, cellulite, and stretch marks.

GEL V Firming Formula is a gel used with the V GLOVE to tone the upper dermis layers of the skin, helping to tighten the look of your skin.  A natural pharmaceutical-grade formula, developed to enhance skin firmness and over all better appearance of the skin and muscle definition.


What does it do?   Firming gel that tightens, smooths cellulite, helps to fade stretch marks and tones muscle.

Who is it for?   Created for people who have problem areas like loose skin, stretch marks, and cellulite or those who want to add an extra boost in their workout routine!  It’s perfect for new moms and anyone with stretch marks.

When & How to Use?  Apply 3x per day to the specific problem areas or all over for a tighter more taut appearance after your workout or shower.

How Does it Work?  The natural ingredients are the magic at work here.  Menthol, Camphor, Centella Asiatica + other proven stuff I mention later in this post all work together to stimulate the bodies natural hydration, collagen, muscle growth; thus combating all the signs of aging instantly.

Why Use Gel V?   Vanna is pretty and picky about her body, developing a gel that would take some initiative to enhancing the look of her body was the goal!  She created a gel formula that moisturizes intensely -supporting supple, younger skin; but (what you can’t find anywhere else) is something that works just as hard as you in the gym to pull off a trimming and muscle toned appearance! 

Who Developed the Gel-V?

GEL V Review

Vanna Belt is the fitness enthusiast and creator behind the Gel-V  –the secret to the south beach body and the V BELT (the waist slimming belt).  If you want a sleek waist, shaped hips, and smooth bum -using these two together will no doubt get you there!  She claims the Gel V tightens skin, hydrates, boosts metabolism, tones your skins appearance, but she also backs her claim with an impeccably gorgeous body!  And not just her own body, but also the thousands of women and men, who are using it and getting just as positive results as her!  Her facebook and twitter is booming with applause for her innovative and genius products.  Among the Gel V’s she has more tools, equipment, gym clothes, and a nutrition guide to get you just as sleek a bod as hers.


The high volume of instagram and facebook personal testimonials along with before and after pictures simply cannot lie.  There is something about the Gel-V and V-Belt that is improving people’s bodies.  I have seen so many different body types that have used the Gel-V and all had such inspiring results.  The most common improvement that I have noticed is tighter looking, firmer feeling, and more of a strengthened and hydrated overall look and feel.

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GEL V Review


  • Helps heal stretch marks and reduce their appearance
  • Targets aesthetic issues such as loose skin and flaccidity
  • Hydrates, smoothes and beautifies the skin



– Those with stubborn problem areas who need a targeted solution.

Gel-V helps to ramp up your metabolism with natural ingredients that support microcirculation!  It helps to smooth and contour, for more defined abs, smoothing out dimples and tightening up loose skin!  It is meant to be integrated into an active lifestyle  (whether you are in a new workout routine or need a little boost in your usual workout!)  Created for the purpose of perfecting those stubborn spots like -stretch marks, cellulite, and loose skin.  Whether you are fit and need a little boost in your efforts, or you may have just had a baby and are experiencing stretch marks for the first time or (third time -yes me:) )  or you are on a detox, losing weight quickly and would like something to counterbalance any loose skin.  There is no doubt it takes work to get a V-Body; but Vanna’s Gel V is created to stimulate your metabolism and build up collagen!  By adding the Gel V to your active lifestyle, you are guaranteed to get the best results.  Use consistently for best results!
GEL V Review

-Gel V is developed with all natural ingredients that help hydrate, smooth, and tighten loose, stretched, or cellulite prone skin.

How Does the Gel-V Work?

It’s all in the Ingredients, as it contains notorious nutrients that are superior skin tightening agents.  Many skin tightening products may have 1 or 2 of the following ingredients; Gel V has a compound effect due to such a great combo of so many potent ingredients.

  • Gotu kola: a well known anti-cellulite component.  In addition gotu kola facilitates better nutrient absorption, increasing the level of antioxidant delivery into the skin.
  • Menthol:  stimulates collagen synthesis, encouraging firmer skin, + increases microcirculation.
  • Seaweed:  is an anti-cellulite agent.  Super hydrating + aids in detoxification.  Supporting a slimming effect.
  • Caffeine:  anti-cellulite agent, promotes cell regeneration.
  • Bladderwrack: supports a healthy metabolism, mineral component, anti-cellulite agent.
  • Camellia sinensis: increases levels of antioxidants, tones, firms the skin.




Top Cellulite gels and creams that actually give you results contain:

Caffeine and Gotu Kola




GEL V Review

* GEL V Cold® formula helps to promote tighter and more vibrant skin.   It goes on cool and tingles as you rub the formula in.  Gel-V can be used anytime, but optimally prior to your workout and there after during recuperation time.  Formulated with skin firming and moisturizing agents that are all naturally sourced. 

GEL V Review

* V GLOVE® is a “glove” with nine smooth metal balls that glide along the skin, which help to break up fatty deposits and increase the absorption of the GEL V formula.

GEL V Review

* Gel-V Hot is also suggested to use alternately at night to speed up results, especially helpful for cellulite reduction!  Both the Gel-V cold and the Gel-V Hot are made with all natural ingredients that thoroughly hydrate and tighten loose, dimpled skin.




GEL V Review

I use Gel V regularly before and after my workout and on days that I don’t feel like working out!  I notice at the end of the day my skin was feeling pretty darn smooth.  The intense menthol goes to work the instant that you put it on and starts the cooling sensation that it promises.  Hey I am a very skeptical person when it comes to cosmetics curing complex problems like cellulite and fat bulge.  Gel V has given me surprising good results!  It has Caffeine, Seaweed, and Gotu Kola -proven cellulite, skin tightening and metabolic increase agents.

I bought it for 49.99, not bad if you are serious about improving your muscle tone and skin firmness.  It’s an 8.8 oz bottle, I use about a quarter size per hip and thigh area and a quarter size for my abs, usually morning and night; sometimes just morning, I get tired and skip it at night occasionally.  I like the consistency and for being a gel it absorbs and doesn’t leave a tacky residue, because I would not use it if it did, that is one of my pet peeves with gels.

When I ordered the Gel V cold it came within 3 days and was sealed really good for no tampering (I appreciate that!).  In the package was a nice surprise of a sample of the Gel V Hot (thanks Vanna!).  I did not order it with the glove because I already use the FasciaBlaster™ (BTW: if you are not using the FasciaBlaster you are missing out on a tool that has helped me reduce my cellulite immensely!)


I am determined to get my pre (3rd) baby body back and wanted to really amp up my workout!   I want to get completely rid of my cellulite and tone up my Abs.  I figured I would try Gel V for the heck of it and I was happily satisfied!  What I notice significantly in the last couple weeks is much smoother skin on my bum.  It definitely has an impact on my Ab definition and I would recommend this for anyone who is working out, trying to build your abs.


GEL V Review

YEP -it’s green!  Before I even opened the Gel V cold I could smell the cool tingly smell of menthol and camphor.  Just as it smelled, it felt on my skin -super cold and intensely tingly!  The refreshing smell opens your sinuses up as you use it (no joke).  It smells pretty strong like menthol and camphor, which I am really getting addicted to.  It feels like a medium consistency, not too thin or thick.  It spreads all over giving you enough time before it dries up too fast.

The Gel V Hot is ‘red’, I used the sample on my abs at night.  It felt warm and tingly.  After a few minutes I felt the heat, after about a week (the sample lasted) I could see more of a taut look (tighter).

After about 10 minutes my skin started to feel cooler and tighter.  This lasted several hours!  I can honestly say this stuff has helped me with definition and a tightened look and feel, plus super soft skin, very moisturizing!  The smell is seriously intense, if you don’t like menthol (you won’t like this); but the ingredients are a realistic (cause and effect).  What I am saying is: no fillers and crap like that, every ingredient in this formula has purpose.  I use it on my thighs too, which really helps smoothing dimples.  I will continue to use it in my regular workout routine as it contributes to the over all effect my workout has on my body.  It also makes me feel better about myself and the smell and feel hits you like whoo girl, now that’s a workout!  I am going to continue using my Gel V cold for now on my abs and thighs (this is where I need the most help!).

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GEL V Review


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