The FasciaBlaster was originally developed for rheumatoid arthritis as a bone and joint pain reducer.  Arthritis is probably the most commonly known joint pain.  In many cases rheumatoid arthritis can become debilitating limiting people from many opportunities.  Fascia can tighten around the joint causing stiffness and pain.  Pain in the shoulders, around the knees and joints can be reduced with the FasciaBlaster.  


Reduces Pain Instantly
Enables proper alignment of joints
Breaks up scar tissue
Loosens Fascia around joints and muscles
Reduces Inflammation
Relieves Tension
Increases blood flow naturally
Oxygen and Nutrients absorb into cells at a higher rate
Cardiac oxygenated blood flow is increased
Reduces Inflammation
Enables healthier blood pressure

There are definitely different things that you can do to manipulate and prevent the cause and effects of arthritis and other joint pain, such as special oils, supplements, foam rollers, diet, sleep, and so on…  Joint pain can be one of the most painful ailments and can hurt when you least expect it!



fasciablaster and joint pain

as you can see Tim is still up to strenuous activity on a daily basis, lol. .

My husband Tim is an ex Marine and because of the strenuous daily protocol that he put his body through, plus a snowmobile accident a few years back, now he gets terrible pain in his knees and shoulders.  I am quite certain it is a combination of nerve damage, fascia becoming mangled and torn tendons.   We cannot afford any kind of surgery at this point, so I recommended we start using the FasciaBlaster as an alternative.  I also use the FasciaBlaster for (low back pain and cellulite).  Fascial adhesions can effect the nerves functioning correctly.  If the fascia gets severely damaged it is well known to cause extremely painful effects.  It took some convincing, but now we use the FasciaBlaster together as a therapeutic massage session every so often.

my fasciablaster 2The FasciaBlaster is a tool specially designed to break up fascia around joints and muscles allowing increased flexibility with less pain.  It has four claws with 6 finger like prongs extended with a round ball on each ‘finger’.  It works as a tougher then life hand to break up the fascia and increase blood flow. 
my fasciablaster

Aiding hydration to the rather tough and brittle fascia around the joints.  Using the FasciaBlaster in a straight back and forth motion with significant pressure in either vertical or horizontal paths works well.  It can cause bruising, but don’t worry this is normal, just take a day or two off to let the healing process, then begin again.  Make sure to use an Oil that aids in Joint Pain relief together with the FasciaBlaster!  Initially at every use you will feel a warming sensation and literally a loosening in and around the area that you are working on.  In addition to relieving pain in the joints and muscles, it is also a great tension release.  Regular massages are recommended for a stress free lifestyle.


A soothing joint pain oil to use with the FasciaBlaster

Go to Joint Soothe II Oil



  1. Just what i was looking for my aching knees

  2. Elizabeth Peterson says:

    Where can I find instructions for using the faciablaster on my joints and for back fat.

  3. Here is a video for back fat:

    Here is a video for joints:

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