Who created the FasciaBlaster?

Ashley Black designed the FasciaBlaster specifically for her body based on a history of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.  In her backstory she shares great detail about her struggle that she had as a child in and out of doctors offices.  Doctors determined that she would be in a wheelchair at 25 and advised that children with this disease would eventually need joint replacements.  They urged that she stay active in specific sports such as gymnastics, which would encourage joint movement and viability.  In order to develop the potentiality to overcome her condition, Ashley became passionately involved in various sports.  Despite severe bouts of pain, she began to uncover the relationship between movement and pain management.





fascia blaster reviews

Fascia is fibrous connective tissue that runs throughout our body, fused to every vein and artery, bone and muscle.  The ‘myofascial’ system is the medical term for the ‘fascia tissue’ tightly connecting our body’s insides.  Because it weaves through nerves, fat, and muscle it can inadvertently render negative effects.  Due to poor diet, strenuous physical activity, non-ergonomic practices, and genetics.  The negative effects can consist of cellulite, arthritis and other joint conditions, muscle underdevelopment, neck and back pain, nerve reaction, just to name a few..



The fasciablaster was originally created for the purpose of loosening and reorganizing the fascia around joints, giving ones suffering from rheumatoid arthritis freedom from a potentially painful and debilitating disorder.  The Fascia Blaster has been proven to reduce and eliminate joint pain.  It also has become popular for it’s positive effects on the appearance of cellulite. It has become acknowledged by doctors, therapists (including massage therapists), sports figures, trainers and various others for eliminating pain (including nerve, muscle and joint pain), stiffness, bad circulation, and reduced the look of cellulite based on real results from real people. The FasciaBlaster tool has become a staple in many people’s weekly routine to stave off cellulite, pain and many more ailments!

What it does is breaks up and softens the fascia tissue that bonds our body together like glue.  By realigning the fascia and allowing fluids and fats to be released and flow correctly the fascia is able to become re-hydrated, thus maximizing the full potential of healthy fascia and eliminating trapped fat.  In addition regulating nerves and blood flow, enables muscle growth where it once was impeded by constricting tight and/or knotted fascia.  As you saw in the image above, it looks like a wand with claws.  The claws have smooth round balls at the end, which act as super powerful fingers per-se.  By massaging the body with the FasciaBlaster following the recommended technique along with plenty of Oil  ~ will encourage highly positive results!  It looks like a pretty simple tool, however the science behind it is the magic at work.  There are other types of devices that claim similar results; however the FasciaBlaster is the only tool on the market that breaks up fascia and delivers such highly proven results consistently!




Hi I’m Molly! 

I am a momma of three!  I have a 13 year old, 8 year old, and 2 year old, just to give you an idea!  It seems like my body would somewhat recover and then I was going through it all over again.  I am finally getting my pre pregnancy body back!   

The FasciaBlaster has got me a lot more motivated to work all the harder on bettering the look and feel of my body.  I had chronic lower back pain, which I started getting after my first child.  It would come and go and it seemed to get worse after every child!  Now after my third child I am finally resolving the problem and not just taking a pain pill everyday.  I started using the fasciablaster for my back pain and now I use it for cellulite too!  I have had serious cellulite and have struggled with weight throughout my life.     

In the beginning I used it every other day for my back pain for about 10 minute intervals, now I continue to use it 3 x times a week for my back to maintain control of the pain.  I was surprised how much it loosened up my back and basically gave me better movement with way less pain.

What Oil Do I Use and Where to Get It!

I use H-Cellulite Formula, it’s an anti-cellulite oil!   It works really well with the FasciaBlaster, and it specifically fights cellulite! I definitely see a change in the texture and density of my skin including, firmer and smoother appearance in my cellulite areas.  The oil you use kind of depends on preference; but I highly recommend a targeted oil, an oil that benefits your needs most optimally!  The consistency of h-cellulite is balanced and offers a perfect application for the FasciaBlaster™ to work correctly.   Once I’m done using the fasciablaster I rub in the oil and it absorbs nicely, no sticky, greasy stuff.  I am very satisfied with the results of both the h cellulite formula and the fasciablaster together!  You can get H-Cellulite Formula at it’s official site here!


fascia blaster review

” My thighs and butt have tightened and smoothed out so much!”

I had ugly cellulite on my butt and thighs since I was young, and got worse as I got older.  It took a while for me to get in a routine of using the fascia blaster regularly on my cellulite; but once I got the hang of it I swear I’ll never quit!  I started using it religiously 4 to 5 times a week about 15 to 20 minutes each night before bed and started seeing and feeling results after the first couple of uses and really saw significant results after my 8th week.  This really has been life changing for me.  I had in the past  worked out everyday for months and months and never saw the results like I have gotten with the addition of the fasciablaster™.  Even the way it feels is smoother and firmer!  I had deep pocketed cellulite that I thought was there to stay, but I see it less and less all the time.  The only negative is that you will get some bruising periodically, but I assure you this is normal!  I had the most bruising and some redness in the first couple of uses and then periodically after that.  The bruising seems to show up on the fat and when the bruising fades so does the cellulite, with every use fading a little more and a little more!  No worries though the bruising does not hurt (feels kind of tender). Overall I am happy with my results; but it only works with consistent use. The most noticeable results come after each use.  This is the best tool to add to your pre and post workout!


Before and After


This was the second day that I used the fasciablaster


this was a little over a month after using it several times per week


right leg



right leg








There are three layers of fat that fascia runs throughout.  Fascia tissue can become deformed and tight, not allowing the fat layers to lay flat or smooth, causing the uneven skin appearance called ‘cellulite’.  Fat pushes through where it can and is held back in other places causing pockets and dips in the skin.  
The FasciaBlaster is an instrument designed to smooth out the bumpy fibrous tissue by softening or relaxing the once unmovable tissue.   In other words – the FasciaBlaster smooths the skin.

The FasciaBlaster is the only device on the market proven to break the fascia tissue up and smooth out the layers of skin in such a positive manner.



It makes sense to me because I had terrible cellulite for years that I could not make go away no matter what I did.  I lost a lot of weight and my cellulite was still there, I gained muscle and it helped but my cellulite was still there.  I could explain mine like the mangled fascia, like clumps of fascia that caused deep dips and pockets on my thighs and middle rear.  I had a dimple smack dab in the middle of one off my butt cheeks and I could literally feel a dip.  If I tried to pull on that dip it was like something was pulling it in even more.  I have especially worked on that stubborn large dimple with the fasciablaster and it has been pretty impressive how it is filling in and my bum is looking more like a nice round smooth bubble versus an orange!  This whole experience with the fasciablaster has exponentially impacted my life in such a positive way.  My confidence is boosted and I feel like I have a normal looking butt now!  It has effected me so much for the better, just thinking about it could make me cry, because I have struggled for years with cellulite.  I used to be so down on myself, like I should just give up because cellulite can never be fixed and I don’t have money for surgery.  For $89.99 the fasciablaster is an affordable tool that can transform the look and feel of your body!

 The body has layers of skin, fat, and fascia and everyone’s fascia lays a little differently ~ultimately giving you the shape and form that you have.  Between the layers of skin, fat, and fascia, chamber-like structures can develop that can trap the fat and as the fat pushes through the dermis layer of skin, it can cause a ripple and/or pocket effect appearance called cellulite.

No matter how hard we workout, fascia is tougher and maintains its position, unless we take a different approach or added approach to our active lifestyle.  The appearance of cellulite can be more pronounced especially if our fascia is mangled, kinked, and/or uneven.  The FasciaBlaster is designed to break up that uneven fascia and smooth out the layers, allowing fat to lay evenly throughout, therefore not causing the dimple effect.  In many cases very thin women can have the worst cellulite, so the theory that excessive fat is what causes cellulite holds little integrity.  Although excessive trapped fat adds to the cellulite appearance simply because there is more fat trying to push through and between the fascia.  That is why it is recommended to build up some muscle mass to help in the event of smoothing out the skin.  Muscle tightens loose skin.  If you continue reading I talk about how the FasciaBlaster supports muscle growth, blood flow, and fascia hydration.  The FasciaBlaster™ encourages healthy fascia and is proven to smooth the skin.  I’ve experienced incredible results, many other women and men have experienced amazing results also.

The FasciaBlaster is a real device that real people are using to reduce pain, cellulite, fascia knots, and muscle definition!





What it does is separates the fascia from the muscle, fat, and fluids.  Once the fascia is broken up the fat and fluids begin to be released and the fascia reconstructs into a smoother manner.  The fascia is smoothed out and re-hydrated through open currents that once were closed off because of knots and kinks in the fascia.  If you use the FasciaBlaster as directed, you should start seeing results in 4 weeks in many cases sooner, by 60 days you will see smoother skin.  I think some people are expecting magic (an over night change).  It takes consistent use and time, but you will see real results!  Just stick with it and I promise you will see a big difference.




  •   Breaks up fascial adhesions
  •   Smooths out the fascial sheath below the skin
  •  Fat does not push through “dimpled sheath”
  •   Appearance of cellulite diminished or lessened
  • Allows the body to take a more natural form
  •   Skin looks more vibrant
  •   Muscle definition shows through

See All Benefits

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FasciaBlaster & Muscle


Fascia can inadvertently cause all sorts of cosmetic skin issues, but it also goes deeper then that.  It can effect the nerves and cause pinching sensations – limiting your ability to increase muscle growth.  Did you know that fascia can become dehydrated causing the stretchy jello-like elastic to become brittle and stiff.  Once the fascia reaches the dehydrated stage it develops kinks in the microvacuoles not allowing water to ever reach the dry tissue, setting your body up for injury, limited range, and stunted muscle growth.  Another words when dehydration happens to the fascia it becomes stiff and cannot move and stretch properly, hence inhibiting muscle growth by denying the muscles room to grow.  Strenuous workouts can injure the fascia farther if the initial problem is not resolved.  The recommended recovery from dehydrated fascia is rest and massage.  But not any ordinary massage is just going to recuperate  the fascia back to health.  The FasciaBlaster is an innovative tool designed to break up the kinks and allow water to soak into the brittle connective tissues.  By stimulating circulation and reinvigorating the muscles, the FasciaBlaster improves nerve activity and better circulation stimulating muscle growth.  A good oil for muscle healing is here.


fascia blaster reviews

  • Opens and loosens fascia allowing full nerve signal
  •   Improves the muscles response to activity
  • Causes muscles to fire harder and more efficiently
  • Allows the fascia to lay in the cuts and grooves of muscle definition
  • Allows for full growth potential
  • Improves sports performance
  • Increases flexibility
  • Great to use as a pre-event nerve stimulator

 See All Benefits!


fascia blaster reviews

The FasciaBlaster was originally developed for rheumatoid arthritis as a bone and joint pain reducer.  Arthritis is probably the most commonly known joint pain.  In many cases rheumatoid arthritis can become debilitating limiting people from many opportunities.  Fascia can tighten around the joint causing stiffness and pain.  Pain in the shoulders, around the knees and joints can be reduced with the FasciaBlaster.  

I would definitely suggest the

H-Joint and Muscle Formula 


fascia blaster reviews

  • Instantly reduces pain
  • Allows joints to function properly
  • Increases flexibility
  • Releases tension
  • Breaks up scar tissue
  • Minimizes inflammation
  • Allows for joint alignment and space

See All Benefits!

Frequently Asked Questions!

Q   Does the FasciaBlaster Work?

A  Yes.  You must Follow the technique instructed and use plenty of oil.  Ashley Black has put years of research and experiential knowledge into the creative development of the FasciaBlaster.  Creating a device that has proven better results then any other of its kind on the market.  Real people with real problems are using the device regularly (about 4 times a week) to yield definitive results.  People like you and me can use the FasciaBlaster on our own to help with problems like:  (rheumatoid arthritis or occasional joint stiffness or pain, nerve damage, muscle dis-trophy or muscle underdevelopment, cellulite and/or loose skin can be tightened quicker with the use of the FasciaBlaster incorporated into your routine.)


Q   What Type of oil should I use for the FasciaBlaster to work correctly?

A      Coconut oil, Almond oil, Jojoba oil, Rose hip seed oil, Safflower oil, Sunflower oil,  almost any type of quality oil will work. .  It’s recommended to use a targeted oil like an anti-cellulite oil for cellulite areas and a muscle relaxer or joint oil for these areas.    By using the fasciablaster in combination with essential oils for cellulite and stretch marks or particularly muscle development or joint pain you are definitely going to benefit from (specific oils) and you will get optimal results, no doubt about it!  

See:  H-Cellulite Formula

See:  Joint & Muscle Pain Relief


Q    Why am I bruising with initial use?

A      I have been asked by quite a few of you why you are bruising when you first begin using the FasciaBlaster.  I reassure you this is a normal reaction.  I got bruising also in the beginning and I still get bruising but it gets less and less the more I use it.  Every new spot will usually bruise.  Fat is being released that was being encapsulated in the cells, this can cause bruising when the macrophage tissue (stationary form of tissue) digests the red blood cells.  A body with a higher percentage of fat then muscle is going to bruise more -because there are more (stationary tissue, that can absorb the red blood cells).  Women often bruise more in the fattier areas!  It’s very normal!   Take a day or two off and then begin again, it does subside.  Just remember it is not a matter of how hard you push down, but rather the repetition of motion and pressure together.  Also as you use the fasciablaster more your bruising should become less, especially if you use the fasciablaster in conjunction with a workout!  The more muscle you have, the less you will bruise.FASCIA BLASTER REVIEW



100 thoughts on “FASCIA BLASTER REVIEW

  1. Ashley Black says:

    I am the owner and inventor of the FasciaBlaster! I just wanted to make sure everyone had the important information! You’re going to love love love it! The FasciaBlaster works way better than you can imagine!

    Discover the #FasciaBlaster™
    – Reduce the appearance of “#cellulite”
    – Break down #fat cells
    – Improve #muscle performance
    – Reduce #pain
    – Accelerate muscle recovery & performance

  2. does it work on lipomas?

  3. Hi Sheryl!
    I myself have not used the fasciablaster for lipomas, but I can attest to the fact that it breaks up and smooths out fatty tissue. Being that lipomas is just below the surface of the skin and it is fat encapsulated within a thin fibrous tissue, tells me that the fasciablaster would indeed help to minimize and smooth it out. You may want to consult a Dr. about it before you try it out. I hope that you get a chance to try it and let me know your results!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I just ordered the fascia blaster on Monday and I’m so anxious to try it I got some love handles that won’t go away

  5. I am so excited for you! Let me know about your results:)

  6. I just recieved my FasciaBlaster last month and love using it. It feels wonderful, but I have yet to see improvement in cellulite or fat. Looking forward to more reviews and comments here.

  7. Hi Sunshine,
    Happy to hear you are loving the FasciaBlaster! Cellulite can be a stubborn problem for most, including me and it definitely takes consistent use to see a difference! Make sure to watch this video And remember to use a lot of oil!

  8. Will this work on tightening loose belly skin?

  9. Hey Kim,
    The fasciablaster is used for increasing muscle mass, so it is very possible that it can help to tighten the skin. I would use it in combination with crunches or cardio!

  10. hey ashley i got bad joint paints in my knuckles and hands how can i use this to ease the pain down some?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Will it help with viracle veins?

  12. Hey Thomas,
    The FasciaBlaster should absolutely reduce joint pain in your knuckles. It was originally created for the purpose of relieving Juvenile Arthritis and has served its purpose well.. It breaks up the fascia, which runs throughout the body to allow better blood flow and joint movement!
    When fascia is tight, it limits your range of movement! Too much tightness in the joints can lead to arthritis and chronic joint pain. The FasciaBlaster helps to soften/loosen the fascia up, therefore reducing pain!
    I hope the best to you!

    The FasciaBlasterTM:

    Instantly reduces pain
    Allows joints to function properly
    Increases flexibility
    Releases tension
    Breaks up scar tissue
    Minimizes inflammation
    Allows for joint alignment and space

  13. I have not heard that it takes vericose veins away; however the fasciablaster does increase blood flow. If vericose veins is caused by weak veins and blood flowing the opposite direction (which is away from the heart) and pooling -causing the vein to have a popped out look (vericose vein). I would imagine that breaking up the fascia (which can weaken the veins) and supporting better blood flow with the fasciablaster is definitely worth a try!

  14. Anonymous says:

    So I Just received my fascia blaster yesterday and was so exited to try it out I did a full body session about 3 to 5 min for every area and let me tell u about 30 min after using the fascia blaster I felt bruised and I noticed a couple little bruises pop up it hurts doing it but I know it’s good cause it’s breaking up the fascia

  15. Thanks for your comment! You won’t keep bruising forever, it’s really just the initial couple weeks of use while your getting your body adjusted. But you are right it is breaking up the fascia and this will make a positive difference in the way you look and feel! Keep me updated!

  16. stephanie barros says:

    I just received my fascia blaster. Really excited about hoping this is something that is going to end my journey dealing with cellulite. I’m very active and a healthy weight. Day 2 and I’m very sore and bruised up. Will keep at it and report my results. Hopefully I can give a recommendation to many that I know that has this issue.

  17. I’m ready to purchase, but I would LOVE to hear your review first.

  18. What it does is separate the fascia from the muscle, fat, and fluids. Once the fascia is broken up the fat and fluids being held in place because of that fascia is released (able to move out of that place they were stuck in). If you use the FasciaBlaster as directed, you should start seeing results in 4 weeks!. I think some people are expecting magic (an over night change). It takes some consistent use and time, but you will see real results! Just stick with it and I promise you will see a difference.

  19. Erica Rodriguez says:

    Why is it so expensive? Is it electrical?

  20. I’m excited to try this, you’ve done an excellent job explaining the benefits of this tool & the science behind it…definitely going to order one!

  21. That’s awesome Tara! I’m looking forward to an update! Thanks so much for the comment 😉

  22. Oh yes and Thankyou for buying one through my site!

  23. Hi Erica,

    It’s not electric, however (electric) would not make it better or worth more; but the uniqueness of the FasciaBlaster is the value of this device. It’s the only device on the market that is specifically made for the purpose of breaking up fascia. Initially a team of experts decided the cost -based on the knowledge, expertise, high performance material and real proof of it actually working on the human body. The positive results have supported the market value; however many people attest that the device is invaluable and the cost of it was worth every penny.
    I really hope that you give it a try!

  24. Hi there.

    I have been doing a grueling gym program with a fitness expert and also a healthy eating plan. 10 weeks in I should be pretty ripped – however even though I’ve lost a dress size and overall smoother I am not getting the results I should be getting. It was suggested by my trainer that I Try your product as its seems that my muscles are not performing at its peak AND I’m not building muscle as I should. My skin is tight and my shoulders especially are pretty tight as well as legs. Will this help to break down that layer so that my muscle tone I’ve built up with show through?

  25. Thank you

  26. Hey Jesse!
    That’s so awesome you’re able to get the support you are with a fitness expert! And yes your fitness coach is right, the fasciablaster would be the perfect tool for you! Since it helps to breakup the stubborn fascia and smooth out the skin. The fasciablaster is going to increase blood flow, which helps muscle growth also (very important to maintain tight skin). I would definitely incorporate the fasciablaster into your routine to see exceptional results! Sounds like your workin your butt off!
    You go girl!

  27. Well I received and used my fascia blaster last night, mainly used on my legs and hamstring. As the information given I did get bruising and swelling today (which was expected) but I can tell you this. I have more ‘stretch’ in my legs and relief of sciatica pain since I used it. And when I mean relief I mean I can actually sit or lay with out having that electrical shock from glutes to the back of my knee. And the annoyance of trying to move to get in a comfortable position. People might say it’s expensive but if you add up the medications and physical therapy cost, trust me it’s way cheaper. You don’t need an appointment and you don’t have to worry about side effects of medications. You put the amount of pressure you want to use and use it whenever you want to. So even with the bruising and swelling, I will continue to use it.

  28. Hey Kandy thanks for your comment,
    I am so happy to hear that the fasciablaster is doing what it is made to do for you! Pain can be extremely disruptive (in many ways), so finding a multi functioning tool that replaces physical therapy and medication is tremendous!

  29. Is it easy to use alone

  30. It is easy to use alone, but I sometimes lay down on my tummy and have someone else help me with my backside. Doing your tummy is easy alone. You can do your arms alone, but if you have someone to help you it could make it a little easier.

  31. Are there clinical studies?

  32. Hi Micheke,
    Well the ‘myofascial’ system in general has been an understated anomaly within the medical field; however it has been identified as one of the most important body functions studied at special institutes, for example: Rolf Institute of Structural Integration. Dr Ida P. Rolf is the founder of the Rolf Institute (a Ph D. biochemist graduate at the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University) around 1920. Then she went on to further her research at the Rockfeller Institute. Dr Ida P. Rolf has identified the myofascial system as the main function of the anatomy that holds the body together. “She believed that the imbalances in structure placed demands on the body’s pervasive network of soft tissues: muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments, thereby creating compensations throughout the body structure,” Rolf.org. The creator of the fasciablaster Ashley Black has long revered Dr Ida P. Rolf for her work integrity. Over years of in depth research, Ashley Black has since established her own Institute of Fascial Study called the Fasciology Institute. Based on clinical trials of the FasciaBlaster yielding positive results and proven scientific research that the fascial system would benefit from a mechanical device being the “fasciablaster.” – The Fasciology Institute has caught the attention of MD’s, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Personal Trainers, and Osteopaths. The fasciablaster is used in the medical field and is recommended by all of the above for both the young and old, the sedentary individual or the sports player.


  33. Can u use it on your fa e gently?

  34. I’m sorry 🙂 missing a letter..can u use it on your face gently? I use it everywhere my scalp ect.
    Thank you, Calista

  35. Hi Calista,
    I suppose that you can use it on your face. Fascia runs throughout the whole body. It could help with tension. Let me know your experience! Happy Holidays:)

  36. I used my blaster twice and got a fever blister after each use is that due to toxic in the body being released anybody else have this

  37. Hi Micheke,
    The FasciaBlaster is owned by Ashley Black and has not been sold out as a wholesale product (to my knowledge), which most often is the case of amazon products.

    Here is more info on the clinical background and studies that you were asking about.
    Ashley Black Systems® | The Fasciology® Institute
    June 2005 – November 2012 (7 years 6 months)Houton, Texas
    “Human Body Development was an open treatment brick and mortar business with multiple locations. The facilities were staffed with Fasciologists who would perform Ashley Black’s proprietary techniques on a client base that ranged from the professional athlete to the hopeless and debilitated. Black fine tuned her own skills and began treating some of the most famous, richest and powerful people in the world. Black also developed products such as a fascia tool and a 10 disc DVD set, so that she could branch out beyond the walls of the clinics to help more people in need. She also began to write books and develop her knowledge products, while using the clinical setting to test her theories and product lines. Black and her staff successfully treated mystery illnesses and became the “go to” place for any injury that “no one else could solve”. Black decided that her knowledge was ready to be distributed to mass market and decided to move past the clinics to focus her full time effort on distributing FasciAnatomy, her brainchild, worldwide. Black sold her clinics in 2012 and moved her operations to Los Angeles, CA for the launch.” https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashleydblack
    It does cause bruising in the beginning (using a good oil and a lot of it reduces the amount of bruising). It takes time and work for real results! There is no quick fix for anything in life! If you cannot manage your career because of the initial bruising this is not the product for you.


  38. Hey April,
    When using the fasciablaster make sure to use a ton of oil!

  39. Micheke,

    I reached out to Ashley Black with your message and she responded with:

    Hi Molly, Thank you so much for reaching out to me with this inquiry. I absolutely love when someone challenges me in this way because it gives me an opportunity to showcase how amazing the product really is.

    1. I do have endorsements from A-list celebrities as well as Victoria’s Secret’s models. To be quite honest, much of my client list is so elite that they just don’t do endorsements at all for anyone, ever and I have never asked because I actually have real personal relationships with them. Some are featured in my demo-reel ( https://youtu.be/24MeKuiykvU ). I also have tweets from the fastest man in the MLB, Dee (Flash) Gordon ( https://twitter.com/FlashGJr/status/530503023530086400?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw ) and Toni Garnn ( https://twitter.com/ToniGarrn/status/554363911357493248?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw ) who is currently a Victoria’s Secret angel.
    2. We are endorsed by many physicians, including plastic surgeons. Here is the link to a radio show that we did with Board Certified Plastic Surgeon: Dr. Chaudri, MD ( http://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/88023/the-myth-of-cellulite ). We also have best selling author Dr. Richard Patt, who specializes in pain management: specifically cancer pain, talking publicly about Fasciology and me, you can watch it here: http://youtu.be/DDKLyCgsKhA .
    3. We have estheticians, massage therapists, Doctors of Osteopath, Chiropractors, MDs, healers, and other healthcare providers from all over the world using the FasciaBlaster. Many of their testimonies can be found in our reviews on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AshleyBlackGuru/reviews/ You can also hear directly from a personal trainer and two massage therapist/health providers in our radio show about the FasciaBlaster: https://youtu.be/MJJIjYI1OnM .
    4. We conducted a double blind study hosted by renowned testimony expert, “Testimonies International, LLC” in Tampa, Florida. Here are the testimonies of the women who participated in this study: https://youtu.be/UoASeznothM .
    5. You are correct to make very specific claims, there is a process. That is why we allow our customers to speak for themselves. Our claim is that the FasciaBlaster loosens fascia and restores fascial adhesions. This in turn sets off a snowball of great results, including, the reduction of dimpling. Our claim, if you follow us closely, is that cellulite doesn’t exist, it is simply fascial distortion.
    6. In order to restore adhesed fascia, the blood supply will be restored and there will be bruising. So if your job doesn’t allow bruising, then you would not want to use the FasciaBlaster until you were able to take a break from that position.
    7. Our results speak for themselves, this is not a gimmick and is not a waste of money. It is by far the most effective treatment for fascia and by far the least expensive.

  40. How is this different than a regular deep tissue massage roller? I have one that was quite pricey and the surface is obviously different but wondering if I would get same results?

  41. Hi Dana,
    The deep tissue massage roller can help with muscle knots, but it cannot smooth out fascia the way that the fasciablaster can. The difference is that the roller concentrates specifically on the muscle and the FasciaBlaster is created to precisely separate and break up fascia adhesions, (which is what helps with joint pain, muscle development, and even eliminates cellulite by releasing pocketed fat). The FasciaBlaster design (created to change ‘fascial composition’) and advised technique is what sets it apart from the tissue massage roller.

    How long have you been using the ‘deep tissue massage roller’?

  42. Thank you for the response and information! I have been using the massage roller on and off mostly for my legs and feet as I am a dancer/instructor and at 41 years old, it’s a little harder on my body. 😉
    I think this will help as we talk about right fascia being responsible for limiting mobility.

  43. Have there been any clinical studies by the FDA, AMA, or any ‘reputable’ group or agency? Not that I agree with everything these people have to say, but it would be nice to see the results of independent studies on this method

  44. Hey Ryan,
    Currently the FasciaBlaster company Fascianatomy Ensures: “Legal Disclaimer: All claims and results within FasciaBlaster.com are based on years of anecdotal evidence. The company is currently studying claims for scientific validation.”

    I am just another customer of the fasciablaster. I did a post on this product simply because it worked exceptionally well for me. I have researched quite in depth about connective tissue, fat, and muscle relation. In theory it makes sense that fat can be broke up and fascia can be loosened for pain relief and moved around to release toxins and trapped fat. There is not a lot of medical information about the myofascial system. In my experience I have used the FasciaBlaster for back pain and cellulite and have experienced definitive results and I continue to use it because of that.
    An example of a tool that represents itself to break up fat and support healthy connective tissue:
    The FDA approved treatment Endermologie works in a similar manner of the fasciablaster ~breaks up fat and encourages healthy connective tissue to reduce the look of cellulite. Endermologie is an advanced level cellulite reduction treatment and an expensive one. If all the customers who have gone through endermologie treatment and have achieved great results are included in the scientific FDA approval then it will not be long before the FasciaBlaster is also FDA approved. The customer line up resulting in positive results after using the fasciablaster seems endless and continues to add up. The feedback is phenomenal!


    “Hi Molly, Thank you so much for reaching out to me with this inquiry. I absolutely love when someone challenges me in this way because it gives me an opportunity to showcase how amazing the product really is.”
    We conducted a double blind study hosted by renowned testimony expert, “Testimonies International, LLC” in Tampa, Florida. Here are the testimonies of the women who participated in this study: https://youtu.be/UoASeznothM .
    5. You are correct to make very specific claims, there is a process. That is why we allow our customers to speak for themselves. Our claim is that the FasciaBlaster loosens fascia and restores fascial adhesions. This in turn sets off a snowball of great results, including, the reduction of dimpling. Our claim, if you follow us closely, is that cellulite doesn’t exist, it is simply fascial distortion.
    6. In order to restore adhesed fascia, the blood supply will be restored and there will be bruising. So if your job doesn’t allow bruising, then you would not want to use the FasciaBlaster until you were able to take a break from that position.
    7. Our results speak for themselves, this is not a gimmick and is not a waste of money. It is by far the most effective treatment for fascia and by far the least expensive.
    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24MeKuiykvU&w=763&h=425%5D
    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDKLyCgsKhA&w=758&h=426%5D
    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJJIjYI1OnM&w=758&h=426%5D
    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoASeznothM&w=763&h=425%5D

    Thankyou for you comment Ryan!


  45. Christine says:

    Just curious, with the release of fat etc. will these toxins in my body effect how I might feel in the next few days? I know after a massage they say to drink plenty of water and don’t over do it. Is it the same with the fascia blaster?

  46. I didn’t experience getting physically sick, but I did need to take a couple days off because of bruising. I still periodically bruise and take a day or two off. I definitely agree with experts who encourage drinking water before, during, and after a workout and using the fasciablaster is a workout. It should not replace an active lifestyle, but you are making your body work every time you use it. Releasing toxins could logically cause you to feel sick initially, but after the toxins are efficiently metabolized and out of your body you should feel much better! Let me know how it goes for you in the next week or so!

  47. Hi. I’ve been looking at this product for months and have hope for my celliulte but have a concern. I do have a question, I have tendinitis in my shoulder. would the repetitive motion hurt it more or will it help reduce/help the tendon not get inflame? Thank you

  48. Hi Angelica,
    Well I do recommend the FasciaBlaster for rheumatoid arthritis which can cause conditions like tendinitis. However tendinitis is a condition that stems from various causes and a doctors consultation may be necessary before you try the fasciablaster. The fasciablaster can help to loosen the joints and improve blood flow.

  49. I’ve had my blaster now for several months…. I use it a few times a week and the only results I’m getting from using it are lots of bruising. I’ve yet to to see any results, just a lot of pain because using this really hurts so I can’t use it for more than a few min ea time and yes I use a lot of oil! Seriously, does this work… I’m beginning to get skeptical here.

  50. Hi Ashley,
    Are you using it for cellulite? It took me a couple months before I saw anything real too! I have really deep pockets of cellulite and it seems like it is because of fat bulges in different spots and every time I use the fasciablaster especially on those spots, it would bruise and then a few days later look like less bulging. What I see the most is less ripples, my deep pockets are less but not completely gone. In the beginning I thought I was using it wrong because I didn’t see a difference either. I watched more videos to get down a technique and stuck with it consistently. I then started seeing varying results. If I were you I would stick with a really good routine! You might find some good advice here watch the vidoes that I have on my post FasciaBlaster & Cellulite. Hope You See Results!

  51. Does this work after having liposuction? Many of people I know that had liposuction ended up with alot of cellulite? Do you know anyone with this problem?

  52. Hi Tina,
    I don’t personally know anyone who had liposuction done, but I know that it is not recommended over more natural ways of losing weight. It can cause more loose skin left because of how quickly weight is lost, the skin doesn’t have time to reform as quickly. So I can imagine that cellulite is more apt to develop from liposuction.
    The tighter the skin is the more smooth the appearance of the cellulite areas. I would 100% recommend to use the FasciaBlaster after liposuction. Increased blood flow helps to heal and using the fasciablaster will help to release fat more efficiently.

  53. Using it for a month just bruising still frustrating think ive been duped

  54. Hi Tina
    If you have only been using it for 30 days you are still within 60 days and can return it. It seems like a lot of people are expecting magic and not giving it enough time. I will never stop using the fasciablaster. It took me a couple months before I saw a big difference. Also it has inspired me to live healthier. Being consistent is key and don’t dig or press too hard your just hurting your skin. I still get bruising occasionally, but much less then I used to and I used to press it and push it into my fat so hard cause I wanted instant results, but all I got was bruising, I was not happy at first either, believe me. After a couple times of bruising and fading I saw way less rippling and dimpling and noticed that I didn’t need to be so hard on myself, it is more a matter of consistency.

  55. Anonymous says:

    Can you use fascia blaster to eliminate malar crescent?

  56. That is a hard one to answer. I cannot advise to use the fasciablaster for the delicate eye area because I am not a doctor and I have not used it on that area of myself. If I find out anyone similar who has tried it for that I will get back with you asap.
    I have heard of some people using it on there face for lose skin and/or releasing tension. It definitely can be used as an amazing massage tool!

  57. Hi, Will it help with plantar fasciitis?

  58. Hi Kim,
    You can absolutely use it for plantar fasciitis. My dad also gets bad pain in his heels from this! I really should get him his own fasciablaster, but he probably won’t use it consistently. I am obviously not a doctor, but I would use it gently, massaging to loosen up the fascia and bring inflammation down.

  59. Hi
    Can this be used if you have fibromyalgia?

  60. Well the fasciablaster is used for better blood flow and muscle tension, so I would believe that it could be helpful to someone suffering from fibromyalgia.

  61. I can barely tolerate a few minutes total on each thigh before I stop. Is this common? Do you have to build up a tolerance to it? For people with this problem… What do you recommend?

  62. I definitely experience this also! I use less pressure if I feel any discomfort! A few minutes a day on each thigh is great! What I noticed too is that when I do it for a few minutes each day 5 to 7 days a week, I feel much better and get better results; verses an extended amount of time each day 3 or 4 days a week. I hope that makes sense..

    If anyone else has any tips that pertain to Ann’s ? PLEASE comment!!

  63. Hi Molly!
    Can you explain your glute routine to rid cellulite and for shaping, please? Also, how long do you go and how often? I hesitate there, as I don’t want to flatten the glutes. Thank you.

  64. Hi Missy,
    You won’t flatten the glutes with the fasciablaster. It actually increases blood flow and muscle growth. Muscle is what smooths out the skin over cellulite. The fasciablaster also helps release fat deposits.

    My Routine:

    I use it about 4 or 5 x a week, usually after a shower in the bathroom steam. So I take the fasciablaster and the oil (h cellulite formula) in the bathroom and use it as soon as I hop out of the shower. This is more convenient for me also because I am already undressed. I use it mostly on my butt and thighs. I use it in both a horizontal and vertical motion for around 5 to 10 minutes. I use medium pressure, I do not use it until it’s painful. To me there is no point in being in pain. As long as you are using it consistently it will lessen the look of cellulite.

  65. Anonymous says:

    I have weak connective tissue and have sustained diastasic recti and pelvic organ prolapse, both of which have been surgically repaired, and I have a large mesh oval holding my abdomen together. I have a diastasis on my neck where my platysma bands have come loose, and I’m only 44 – this typically isn’t seen in women my age. My question is this: is it safe to manipulate the fascia in my body when I have this connective tissue condition? I’ve not been tested officially for Marfan Syndrome or Ehlos-Danlers, but I’m hesitant to be so aggressive with this device if it may further upset my connective tissue. Needless to say, I have excessive cellulite on my legs, front and back, and am starting to see it on my upper arms. I very much want to try your device but worry about loosening any more of my poor body. Thanks!

  66. Hi there,
    I would definitely consult a doc about the areas that you have had surgery on; but surely you can use the fasciablaster for your cellulite. Are you going to physical therapy? They might be able to answer your ?’s too! I hope you are doing ok and I will pray for your complete recovery, it sounds like a very involved surgery. Have a great day!

  67. Anonymous says:

    I am not sure but is it possible to cause an oblique muscle tear from using g the FB, I used it pretty vigorously on a Monday night, within a few days I could barely move. After nearly two weeks of rest I blasted my hips, went grocery shopping and began to feel pain in my hips from walking. Am I doing something wrong?

  68. I would advise that you do not use it so vigorously -it’s not necessary to see results. An oblique muscle tear from the FasciaBlaster is highly unlikely. An oblique muscle tear generally happens in the abdomen area due to twisting, bending or stretching in a strenuous way usually the outcome of a sports injury. I use the FasciaBlaster regularly and never feel pain, but I see a great decrease in my cellulite. However I have felt a sensitive sensation temporarily, which went away within a day or two. I have not used it on my hips, (I use it on my thighs and down my legs) but I can imagine that if you apply too much pressure to an area close to the bone this could probably cause some pain. The only thing you might be doing wrong is applying way too much pressure (using the balls in a digging manner is not effective and could incur pain).

  69. Anonymous says:

    Molly thank you for your quick response. I didn’t think I applied that much pressure but maybe I did. I’ll be more careful next time. The oblique tear most likely happened after a workout and then cleaning my house. I wondered though after the hip pain started because I have not been able to work out or even lift anything since my muscle tear, but I did blast just before grocery shopping. Linda

  70. Honestly…what makes this fascia blaster any different than the principle of endermologie?

  71. Hi Nora,
    Actually I have referred to Endermologie before comparatively to the FasciBlaster for the reason that they both break up fat deposits. Though Endermologie is specifically a cosmetic device used for sagging and cellulite; it is not used for joints, nerve health, and muscle development, and does not equate to the benefits of the FasciaBlaster and fascia repair. It is a suction machine that temporarily reduces the look of cellulite. I have read good and bad things about endermologie and what I have concluded is that the really good results are done by a professional and only last a short period of time after your series of treatments. I am not trying to bash “endermologie”, I have not personally invested in it; but the price difference is tremendous and I myself am quite happy with the FasciaBlaster 🙂

  72. Stefani Harris says:

    Hi Molly,

    So sorry if this has already been posted in the comments…but there are soooo many of them to look through. 🙂

    Do you feel this is something we will need to do every day in order to see a difference and experience long-term benefits? Or, could it be done once weekly? Will it need to be done for the rest of our lives?? I realize health and feeling/looking great comes at a cost…a TIME cost. I am a yoga and fitness instructor, so I definitely know all about spending lots of time at the gym. If this is something that needs to be done daily – forever – it will need to be factored into our lives accordingly. I’d love to know how often it is truly needed to be…and STAY…beneficial.

    Thank you!!

  73. Hi Stefani,
    Don’t apologize, your question is so important! I wish it were something that I only had to use once and be done, but you are right looking good takes consistent management. What really boosts the fasciablaster results is staying active, so if you have an active lifestyle (sounds like you do!) you have an upper hand at seeing quicker results. I notice that the day after I use the fasciablaster I see a lot less dimpling immediately, so I make sure that I use it before the beach or outing like that! Sometimes I get lazy and skip a couple days; but I realize in order to maintain, I do need to use it at least 3 days a week! I have been using the fasciablaster for about a year now and do see changes that I never had seen before the fasciablaster. So, yes it does take a routine to get consistent results, I promise you, you will get more and more inspired as you see the results and it will become an easier addition to your routine to adapt to!
    Thanks for your question Stefani!

  74. Jane Clayton says:

    I have seen the personal FB on some of the videos, is that available for purchase?

  75. Hey Jane,
    I have not seen the personal FasciaBlaster available yet; but I see there is the Nugget if that is what you are talking about. I have the regular FasciaBlaster! I will look into it and see what I can find out and get back to you here or email 🙂

  76. Maria G Perez says:

    OK I think I am ready to try it after reading so much lol.

  77. Maria G Perez says:

    Hi Molly,
    So is it the same one the one on Amazon?

  78. I think there is someone who has it up on there, but they are charging double the cost then from the official site!

  79. Does the FasciBlaster work on Migraines and if so how?

  80. Hi Sheila!
    I personally have no experience with using the fasciablaster on migraines, and I don’t know of anyone who has used it for that purpose. I am so sorry I really cannot tell you whether it works for migraines or not. I have had terrible migraines throughout my life and what seriously works for me is taking an aspirin as soon as I get a migraine and then as needed. Aspirin thins your blood and lowers blood pressure and that works great for me!

  81. Ninosca Mestres says:

    I was told by a plastic surgeon that the left over skin on my belly would only go away with a tummy tuck. Do you think this tool might help my stretch mark and saggy skin on the belly?

  82. Hi Ninosca,
    Honestly the FasciaBlaster is not going to completely tighten your skin and give you abs; but what it will do is give you an advantage to getting there. I would definitely encourage you to integrate the FasciaBlaster into an active lifestyle! It improves blood flow, which helps support healthy muscle and all connective tissue; thus helping to tighten the skin. Stretch marks lighten over time; but what can really help reduce stretch marks is TriLastin. I think a plastic surgeon is going to tell you that plastic surgery is the only option because this is what he does for a living and in many cases he is possibly right; but I would try a more natural and lower cost approach, you might be surprised what you can do for yourself!

  83. Kymberly Gaster says:

    Hi Molly,
    I have been using the blaster for a few weeks and am experiencing a couple lumps in my abdomen and saddlebag area. I am in great shape and certainly not fat but tend to use it pretty vigorously. What is that and how do I smooth them back out?

    Thank you

  84. Hi Kym,
    Take a couple day break from it and then when you try it again I would use it a bit gentler and make sure you are moving it in a straight pattern back and forth.

  85. Patricia Davidson says:

    Hi, I’ve ordered it and waiting for it. I can’t wait to see the results. ive taken pictures to have before an after. I have heavy cellulite and i hate it, but determined to get rid of this ugly stuff

  86. Hey Patricia,
    Awesome! Just use it consistently and it will help!

  87. Hi Molly,
    What happens when you have used the FB for a year or so and stop. What happens to the skin and body? Any negative affects to expect? I have use cellulite reduction procedures before and when stopped it looks even worse!

  88. Hi Kathi!

    I do not believe your cellulite will come back worse, unless you become completely inactive and take on a bad diet for an extended amount of time in combo with quitting the FasciaBlaster. I always recommend to continue using the FasciaBlaster, I myself would not quit for too long because I want to maintain the work that I have contributed to my cellulite reduction routine with the FasciaBlaster! But I totally understand if you must stop for a medical reason or something to that nature.

    Hope the best to you!


  89. Hi Ashley, I have been in the beauty field for many years as an Aesthetician and working with Plastic Surgeons. Perhaps there are many skeptics out there, and I am one of them. Truth be told, when I eat right, work our and drink plenty of water, my cellulite tends to greatly improved. I don’t want to insult you but with all the great medical professionals out there studying this for years and over 90% of women experience this, why do you think you have finally solve this problem? You also say it helps the APPEARANCE of Cellulite. That is what everyone claims when trying to sell a cellulite product. Would you do me a favor?………send me a pic of your backside BEFORE you began using the FaciaBlaster and AFTER. I would appreciate that! Thanks,

  90. Hi,
    I’m not Ashley, I’m Molly, this is Molly’s Reviews. I did have pictures up and it was very embarrassing. I also agree with you that you have to eat clean and be active, the FasciaBlaster is a tool that compliments my workout and helps smooth out my cellulite. It is temporary and you have to use it consistently. I have known for a long time that rollers and massage can help improve the look of cellulite temporarily, but it takes dedication. Of course you can’t eat fried foods everyday and expect not to have any cellulite. Diet, exercise, and the FasciaBlaster work well for me! I’ll put my picks back up.

  91. Anonymous says:

    I have bad varicose veins. A friend loaned me their FB to try. I just took a lighter touch over my veins. I forgot I had one on my abdomen and after using the FB on my abdomen I ruptured that vein. I have ruptured veins before and it isn’t that big of a deal. I just have hardened knots that my body has to reabsorb BUT sometimes I get more/larger veins back in that area. I am just a bit concerned about the ones on my legs. Any advice? I don’t want to order one if it turns out I can’t really use it.

  92. I use the fascia blaster for my cellulite and muscle tension and I really don’t have any expertise with the fascia blaster and varicose veins. I actually have a couple varicose veins (from having babies) behind my knees and I have used an oil for them and the oil even suggests that you apply it around the vein. I wouldn’t put pressure on my own veins. That’s the best I’ve got, I’m sorry I don’t have farther advice for varicose veins. If you would like the oil that I use I can give you the info for that.

  93. You didn’t have any cellulite to begin with. I’d like to see someone who has a lot of cellulite review this product.

  94. Are you kidding me, I have had terrible cellulite since I was a teenager! It deformed my ass! I had three babies and it got worse! I refused to ever let anyone see my backside. I have deep pockets and ripples down the backs of my legs to my knees! Thanks for the comment, but I have and still struggle with cellulite! I wish I never had it to begin with, lol!! I have worked on it very hard with the fascia blaster and workout. It has been the worst thing to plague me in my life other then cystic acne and lop sided breasts!

  95. Charlotte says:

    The fascia blaster has absolutely ruined my skin! There are hundreds of women over the age of 50 who have been emotionally damaged by what this product has done.

  96. Hi Charlotte,

    I’m so sorry that you feel that way. This is not my own product, I only use it! I’ve never heard of hundreds of women emotionally damaged from this product. If your expectations are that it will take your cellulite away without any other lifestyle efforts, it won’t. It is a good addition to a “healthy lifestyle” and it helps to reduce the look of cellulite as long as you are using it correctly.
    It has not ruined my skin and I use it almost everyday. I know a couple girls who use it more then me before their workout and look amazing! It’s been known way before the fasciablaster was around that massage reinforces lymph flow and blood circulation. Massage devices have been used for a long time for muscle tension and development, blood circulation and lymph flow, and rehabilitation methods. Also something that works for me is not necessarily going to work for you and vice versa. It’s a massage tool, there sold all over the world. This particular one was created by a woman who had rheumatoid arthritis and needed it for joint mobility. Women began to notice a positive difference to their cellulite condition and the word spread. I am one of those women who use it on my thighs, abs, back, and neck and it has helped me!

  97. I’d be interested in seeing an after picture that was taken from the exact same angle and lighting as the before picture. Also, the after picture is cut off on the right side. Not at all comparable.

  98. I’ll look and see what other pics I have from then. I took those pictures with my iPhone myself. Ya know I never was trying to convince anyone of anything. I only shared my experience with the fasciablaster guys! I did some research on it and used it and I shared it. I’m just another woman like all of ya’ll, I work another job and have three kids, I’m NOT a spokesperson. I use the fasciablaster because it works for me!

  99. Can the fb effect your hormones after long tern use ? Making you estrogen dominant??

  100. Hey Angie,
    In my opinion I do not believe that you can become estrogen dominant by using the fasciablaster. I know that birth control can cause estrogen dominance though.

Any Tips, Experiences, or Questions? Please Comment Below!