The FasciaBlaster™ is a device that breaks up fascial adhesions and trapped fat ~helping to smooth out the skin and reduce the look of cellulite.  By breaking up fascial adhesions and fat, the body can disperse the fat more efficiently by absorbing the trapped fat and/or digesting it and eliminating it from the body.  Not only can fat accumulate and get trapped in the walls of fascia so can toxins.  Toxins that settle in the body can reek havoc on various functions of the body.  So treating the underlying causes of cellulite yields amazing benefits not only in appearance, but also ridding your body of toxins. Fascia is a part of the body that many people do not understand.  It is made up of dense and not dense connective tissue that weaves its way throughout the entire body.

Connective tissue :  the elastin material that connects, binds, and/or separates various tissues and organs, generally containing few cells encapsulated within an amorphous matrix (gel like substance), along with collagen, fibers, cartilage, fatty, and elastic tissues.

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fascia 101

 Though the myofascial system is quite complex and maintains a significant purpose it can inadvertently cause negative effects inside the body.  Just like any system and function of the body, the “myofascial system” can malfunction and develop temporary and/or chronic disorders.

Fascia weaves through nerves, fat, and muscle and it can inadvertently render negative effects.  Due to poor diet, strenuous physical activity, non-ergonomic practices, and genetics.  The negative effects can consist of cellulite, arthritis and other joint conditions, muscle underdevelopment, neck and back pain, nerve reaction, just to name a few..

When Fascia is working to it’s fullest healthy potential it should be running in a parallel smooth current in order to glide with your joint and muscle movement.  It maintains alignment of the muscle all throughout, including blood vessels and nerves.  However when Fascia becomes dehydrated -kinks and knots can occur; due to malnutrition, strenuous activity, hormones, certain prescription drugs, illness, surgery, lack of sleep, among many other causes of fascia malfunction of which all can cause the breakdown of the correct purpose of Fascia.  This can slowly or quickly cause minor pain or severe conditions that can transpire into possibly more extensive medical conditions if the fascia continues to deteriorate.

Use an Oil


I have used H Cellulite Formula for a long time now

h cellulite formula


my cellulite has definitely improved using this oil!

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Vitamin C supports high amounts of the anti-inflammatory enzyme bromelain; known to increase blood flow and reduce inflammation and help decrease the appearance of cellulite.  If you are looking for a natural, cellulite reducing and pleasant smelling oil to use with the FasciaBlaster the H-Cellulite Formula is a good choice!

Healing Natural Oils has supplied pure oils and FDA approved for over a decade.   Located in the U.S. shipping their oils nationwide.  There oil selection is awesome and I use many of them including: h-cellulite, h-vericose, h-stretch mark, and golden jojoba oil.  They all are great!

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If we understand the value of Fascia (the connective tissue that holds our body together).  Then we might better understand how the FasciaBlaster can benefit our bodies in legitimate ways!

Fascia: creates a barrier that protects our insides from bacteria and bonds the fat, muscle, and skin together like glue ~ enabling our body to bend and stretch.  It’s purpose is incredibly complex.  The moment Fascia is injured and/or becomes unhealthy fascia due to age, sickness, strenuous activity, and genetic predispositions ~it can interrupt our daily lives.


The FasciaBlaster™ helps to loosen the fascia around muscles, bone, and fat.  It is proven to relieve joint and muscle pain, tension, nerve pinching sensations, and  releasing trapped fat, and improving muscle growth ~in addition to what it is capable of doing, it is convenient to use on your own.  It is a long bar with hand grippers on either end with 5 claw like massagers in the middle, extending from the claws are hard round balls that knead and massage your specific areas.  For safety reasons it is necessary to use an oil with the FasciaBlaster.

The techniques necessary to use the FasciaBlaster are ones that can cause friction against the skin. Rubbing anything against the skin can cause ~ burns, blisters, or rash..  This is why it is so important to use a good oil, whether you are using the FasciaBlaster for pain, muscle growth, or cellulite.



Expect LESS Cellulite &  MORE Muscle!

The FasciaBlaster™ is not meant to replace an active lifestyle or healthy eating habits.  It is the perfect edition to the ladies routine who wants a boost in her workout, everyday life, detox program, ultimately a sexier body.


The first week that I used the FasciaBlaster my butt and thighs were a little sore and bruised and I felt a little tingling, a little itchy (not bad) I definitely felt it working.  I was also proud of myself that I was taking a different approach, considering the traditional ways of eliminating cellulite had never fully worked for me.  


Although I saw more bruising, then anything else.  It was weird though, because I saw spots of bruising where my fat lumps were.  I took two days off on the weekend. But when I saw the bruises fading..

fascia blaster and cellulite

The second week I had to take a double look, and a third, and a fourth look because I was seeing less ripples in my bum.  Not just less ripples, it felt tighter.  I didn’t know if it was muscle or the fat laying more symmetrically or better circulation and hydration.  All I knew is “I think this thing actually freaken works”!  I was still getting some bruising in little spots here and there but it seemed as though just the fat was bruising and once the bruising faded so did a little more cellulite.  It was going good and I was ecstatic!

I continued for the next couple weeks…  In those weeks I really vamped it up (faster strokes and more pressure), 10 minutes in the morning after my shower, every morning ~excluding Saturday and Sunday.  I actually used the FasciaBlaster in the bathroom in the steam.  This is the best environment to use it in!  It’s advised because the fascia is loser and more apt to be manipulated.  I had a little bruising off and on, but not like the first week.  I felt bruising more then visually seeing it.

In my eighth week, my pockets of cellulite are way less, and my thighs and bum are feeling tighter.  I do periodically get a little bruising here and there, but the purpose of that bruising truly pays off!  Now I continue using it about 4 times a week and it takes me 5 to 10 minutes each day.




You want an oil that will glide on and not dry up immediately.  Using oil with the FasciaBlaster is a necessity!  Rubbing anything against the skin causes friction which can incur burns, even blisters; but using a good oil will help to eliminate the risk of this happening.  I still see redness when I use the FasciaBlaster; which is caused from blood flow reaching the visual surface of the epidermis. Slathering on an oil will create a thin barrier between the fascia blaster and the skin, just enough to provide a perfect application.  You need a slick surface so that you do not catch the skin, if that makes sense.  

I currently use the oil Amazing Ayurveda Premium Massage Oil – Anti-cellulite with the FasciaBlaster on my cellulite areas, because it targets the reduction of cellulite.  So far so good!  I like the consistency -it’s kind of thin, but does not dry up too quick!  It smells pleasant and it contains pure natural anti-cellulite ingredients that are well known anti-cellulite combatants.  I am not disappointed with this oil!  

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Almost all of us associate cellulite with fat, but do we know why cellulite makes an appearance. Well yea it is a combination of hormones, genetics and fat; however fascia does play a role in the network of cellulite.  Again Fascia is connective tissue with the primary role of stabilizing the interior anatomy of the body with elastin fibers.  These elastin fibers do not always lay in perfect formality and does not always run straight.  In fact it is known that fascia is a wavy tensile sheath.  Within the layers of fascia there is (subcutaneous fat) that can push through causing a bumpy surface when pushing against the dermis.  Subcutaneous fat or Adipose tissue lies right beneath the skin.  It’s purpose is to act as a cushion creating a shock absorber between bones, muscle, organs, blood vessels and nerves.  Fascia runs above and beneath the fat layers.  Naturally fascia can entrap fat inside chamber like patterns.  The fat cannot escape and becomes stored fat.  One of the adverse effects of stored fat within these chambers is cellulite.  Complications with the fascial system can effect a wide range of the bodies innards and outwards.  The appearance of cellulite is a negative effect that can develop due to fat getting caught up and trapped inside the denser connective tissue.  The process of fat pushing through the  fascia to the dermis in an uneven pattern causing the dimpled look.  It can look especially become pronounced throughout hormonal changes, weight increase or loss, in-activity, dehydration, surgery, certain diseases/disorders, injuries, strenuous activity, and other culprits.

Why Use The


The FasciaBlaster is a tool to counteract the fascia and fat from progressing into cellulite.  It breaks up fascia and fat ~ re-hydrating the fascia, muscle, and other various instrumental parts of the body.  Consistent use of the FasciaBlaster™ will reduce the look of cellulite significantly.  This tool helps to loosen fascia, encouraging better muscle structure and growth -thus tightening the outer layer of skin.  In conclusion: the FasciaBlaster breaks up fascial adhesions, releases trapped fat, increases blood flow, and hydrates fascia; all of which benefit the reduction of cellulite.  Use 3 to 4 times per week in 5 to 10 minute increments. Use with oil and for best results use immediately after a shower or in or after sauna when your body is warmed up, ready for optimal blood flow.   


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This was my first question when I first started using the fasciablaster.  I wanted to make sure that I was not injuring myself or wasting my time.  To me it not only manages my cellulite, but it is a de stresser, something that I look forward to just as much as my tea before bed.  It really makes me feel like I am doing it right this time!  

  • Use 3 to 4 times per week in 5 to 10 minute increments. Use with oil and for best results use immediately after a shower or in or after sauna when your body is warmed up, ready for optimal blood flow.  

I watched the following videos to really perfect my own technique.  Ashley Black is consistently putting out new videos with new advice and feedback from experienced FasciaBlaster users.


Loosen Fascia





Any Tips, Experiences, or Questions? Please Comment Below!