The stigma of the hemp plant has mixed perspectives.  Some people think the whole scene of marijuana is a pot smoking hippie culture.  Modern society is beginning a new chapter and revolutionizing the use of cannabis, marijuana, pot, hemp, weed, boo ya, blunt, grass, bud,  buddha, Cali, whatever you want to call it.  It is becoming a more discreetly used drug for “pain and suffering”.  Maybe true in many cases, but this new vision of (medicinal marijuana) is a marketing and consumer tactic to maintain loyal preservation of pot.  Quite ingenious.

Something many of you may not know is that the hemp plant is actually incredibly good for us!  It has vitamins and enzymes that will refresh and boost your metabolism and the best part of it is that consumed in the right way you can benefit from the cardiovascular health benefits.  Keep your arteries clean and running smoothly with a daily serving of hemp seeds which contain loads of Omega’s!  Eat hemp seeds over your salmon for a double dose of heart healthy Omega 6 and 3!

Well I’m not into smoking the plant; however I eat it!  The seeds that is!  Organic Hemp Seeds are awesome, they kind of taste umm a little like sunflower, but softer..  They are convenient and a super dose of your omegas in a mouth full!  Toss em in yogurt, cereals, salad, smoothies…and so much more..

The word is: Cannabis this Cannabis that, it’s going around!  Stuff about the CBD hemp oil, how it calms your nerves and is a healthier alternative to smoking it for pain management.  Put it under the tongue and your set for the day!

Now that I am back in Michigan I am finding out that people are crazy about the Hemp up here.  Not only the hemp, the oil, the hemp food, the plant, everything about cannabis!  It seems like most people want to buy it and use it more discreetly as in the past.  Companies are coming across with more of a health craze marketing effort.  If we look at this from a health perspective the hemp seeds, foods, oils, and what not do maintain great nutritional value.  Omega 6 and 3, vitamins, and enzymes that are all really beneficial to our heart health.  Eat a handful of Hemp Seeds everyday and maintain heart health!

EAT THE HEMP SEED FOR HEART HEALTHhemp seedshemp seeds nutrition


Hemp Seed Benefits

Omega 3 and 6 rich equals heart healthy!

Hemp seeds are a well concentrated balance of essential fats, proteins, vitamins, and enzymes so much so that hemp seeds are considered a ~SUPER FOOD.

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