I struggled with cystic acne as soon as hormones kicked in.  What a painful challenge it has been searching for a cystic acne relief treatment that actually works.  I have tried so many products it’s ridiculous!  I began to piece together the relevance of my diet and my skin condition.  As I watched what I ate, my skin was doing much better; but I continued to be perplexed about why my face was clearing up; but my neck continued to get hard bumps.  For a long time I never knew the difference between acne vulgaris and cystic acne and believed my face and neck breakouts were caused by the same thing. The acne breakouts on my face were plugged pores also known as comedones that became infected and then inflamed.  These were fairly common breakouts that would clear in a few days and fade in a couple weeks.  Cystic acne was deep, hard bumps that were either red or not red depending on whether they were infected or not; but these would last several weeks inflamed, and then more weeks to fade and the indentations to smooth back out took months.  I finally got to the point that I had endured this for so long, I was over trying everything and nothing was taking away my cystic acne.

I Recommend Raw Red Maca Daily for Clear Skin!


A big contributor to my chronic cystic acne condition was dairy foods and possibly other foods that can cause excess mucous and inflammation.  

Everywhere I was reading – things about how the neck is associated with the lymphatic system and the lymph nodes can get clogged.  It was called a congested lymphatic system.  When the lymphatic system is not working correctly (part hormone imbalance and digestive contributors) it can cause toxins to sit and brew infections.


In general milk and cheeses are hard for humans to digest (it’s a fact); but for people whose bodies create excessive amounts of mucous attempting to digest everything optimally; congestion sets in and becomes chronic if these foods are continually consumed.  What happens once the chronic mucous congestion sets in?  The lymph nodes are in place to primarily rid the body of toxins after digestion is complete; however if digestion is not processed correctly and bad things are left behind due to getting stuck in all the mucous, the toxins still need to be released.  The lymph nodes become clogged, basically cannot flow due to congestion caused by too thick of mucous trying to move through properly.   When the toxins are not able to be filtered out the right way, then the toxins find their next best escape and fill pockets (cystic acne) where they sit and can become infected.  The way that we know this is not a normal acne pimple is that it has no opening like a usual pimple.  Cystic acne is a filled pocket from the inside, as opposed to pustules that can be squeezed and released through an open pore on the outside.  “These plugs are also known as comedones, and can be white- or black-headed. The comedones can be uninfected – non-inflammatory acne – or they can become infected and inflamed, leading to papules, pustules, nodules, or cysts.”   The bacteria inside  acne vulgaris  is called: Propionibacterium acnes, which normally is naturally sloughed off every 24 hours as the dead skin sloughs off in usual conditions; but in the instance that the skin does not slough off in time, it begins to pile up and become stuck to each other.  While it’s stuck together it cannot get rid of the bacteria on time before becoming infected.  That is why exfoliation is so important for all skin conditions.

What I have done since I have cut back on dairy is found alternatives with great sources of proteins and fats like flaxseed meal and Maca.  I eat organic flaxseed meal on oatmeal or almond milk (I let dissolve a bit and it tastes nutty).  Flaxseeds also help with reducing cellulite.

Along with Congested Lymphatic System

Hormones can be out of whack and the cycle is never ending!

Something that I have been taking for a couple months now is called Red Maca Root Powder.

It’s a root that grows in extremely high altitudes up in the Peruvian Andes mountains and being a root it stores its nutrients sheltered under the ground.  These little roots are an incredible source of amino acids, phytonutrients, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals essential to human health.  The Red Maca is recommended for female balance and the black maca is recommended for male balance.

It has a significant amount of iodine, potassium, fiber, calcium, vitamin a and c, copper, B vitamins, and iron.  These all work together to level out certain hormones like testosterone and estrogen.  Keeping the thyroid metabolism at it’s best is when we are giving our body what it needs to secrete the correct levels of hormones to maintain our health.  Our thyroid needs adequate glutathione levels and in order to support this we can eat more cruciferous vegetables like -broccoli, kale, spinach..  And guess what else is recommended to keep your thyroid on track, yep the Maca root!  Maca is also a cruciferous vegetable, which are good for clearing and maintaining healthy vibrant skin, plus it helps with cellulite.

See More Benefits of the Maca Root Here!


 I use Raw Red Maca, it cost around $23 for 1lb and lasts me 2 months or a little over.




I have cut out nearly all dairy and started taking maca everyday, within a couple months the hard painful cystic acne was not coming back.  Cystic acne takes forever to go away especially once it’s infected.  The goal is to keep them from coming back ever again and it starts on the inside!

I made sure that I was washing my face every night and just using witch hazel in the morning and sometimes applying a light oil.  My skin began to heal and the redness was not so red.  I have been using  manuka honey to gently cleanse my face and I use jojoba oil when needed and when not I just use a witch hazel toner.  Jojoba oil can be used as an exfoliant too, after washing using a pea size amount and gently rub dead skin cells off your face “gently”.  I don’t wear a ton of makeup and when I do it’s natural mineral makeup.

I recommend Clear Rayz for Acne as a light therapy treatment.  These work amazing to kill acne causing bacteria and prevent new ones from ever surfacing.  The blue light kills and the red light helps to build collagen and smooth out scarring left behind from cystic acne.


Treating cystic acne seems like a daunting task if the underlying problem is unknown.  Here is what I did to treat cystic acne and what may help you just as much as it has me!

  • Drink water and green tea
  • Cut back on Dairy and sugary processed foods
  • Take Maca Root Powder Everyday
  • Exercise
  • Light Therapy is great or getting outdoors often
  • Remember good hygiene and diet is what will clear your cystic acne.  As few steps as possible and no rubbing, scrubbing, harsh toners, and topical treatments.
  • It completely changed my face when I began using a gentle cleanser and Jojoba oil.

My Skincare Steps

#1  Take Maca Root Everyday

#2 Gently Cleanse

#3  Apply a natural lotion or oil that promotes cell turnover

#4  Do not wear thick foundations, rather mineral makeup





Jojoba Oil

Any Tips, Experiences, or Questions? Please Comment Below!