These are the top Cellulite products that I have chosen as the best for quality and actual efficacy.

The cellulite nutrients, lotions, and tools below are my picks based on my personal (years) of research to rid my body of cellulite.  Speaking from experience I will admit this is a battle that cannot be resolved unless you combine your health and consistent application of products that actually work in combination with implementing an active routine into your daily life.  I tried for a long time to figure out how to get rid of cellulite without any work (it does not work).  There is no magic potion to eliminate cellulite.  Even after surgery, cellulite can come back (a little or a lot).

The truth is, most products out there are temporary solutions to a more in depth problem.  It would be so nice to put a lotion on and all of us just magically not have cellulite ever again!  I have come to realize that it has been worth all the reading, trial products, and months of trying stuff out on my body.  Quite honestly I have only tried products that are quality!  These are products that I have researched broadly and have become very informed, also based on others reviews.  After validating the credibility -did I then go ahead and put it on my body.  I value my body inside and out and will only use a product that is honestly offering me a valuable product.


realistic ways that actually effectively decrease cellulite


#1  An Active Lifestyle

Even just a healthy walk everyday will decrease cellulite.  I try to do squats everyday, which really helps to tighten and pull up a droopy bum.  Add weights to the mix and over time you’ll have a body like Vanna Belt. Take a fun bike ride, rollerblading, or walking your dog more often.  I am not a fitness guru; but I have a two year old (enough said)!

#2  A Healthy Diet

I know it’s a redundant focal point throughout life; but the healthier you eat, the cleaner and smoother your body runs -giving you optimal absorption of nutrients and release of bad fats.  Certain foods can really help decrease cellulite:

  • Water is the best liquid and cleanser that you can possibly use to help your body flush the toxins out regularly.  Once you are dehydrated, your body draws out any possible liquids left (including toxins) to keep your body running.  Dehydration is incredibly destructive to the look of our bodies and even more so the way we feel.  Natural herbal teas are also a really great way to get some added antioxidant action + calming, anti-inflammatory properties, ohh and many more benefits.  I like Chamomile, Rooibos, Matcha Green, reg Green tea, and any fruity ones:)
  •  Less Sugar.  Sugar turns carbs into sedentary fat that can get trapped and stick around adding to the look of cellulite.
  • More Green Foliage (Vitamin A, C, and K) among many more beneficial vitamins -these encourage better blood flow, heightened metabolism, better protein absorption (supports muscles) and we need those muscles to give us a firmer tone.


#3 Consistently Using a Cellulite Targeted Formula

Containing either or all ingredients “caffeine, vitamin C and/or aminophylline”.  It really does matter what’s in the formula and not just what they claim on the package.  In fact almost everything that I have found comes across very discreet (to the point), but not flashy or glamorous just to get you excited.  I don’t know about you, but I (in most cases) could care less about the look of the package, as long as it has safe and effective ingredients that help my condition improve.

#4  Daily Vitamins, Minerals, and Essential Fats

I highly recommend liquid vitamins; however regular complete daily vitamins are great!  I would like to remind everybody that a vitamin does not suffice for raw vitamins, minerals, and essential fats that should be included in your daily food intake.  These nutrients are in things like vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish, and other meats.  Eating a consistently clean diet will purge your body of toxins, increase hydration, regulate your metabolism, burning fat naturally, and building muscles.  My cellulite always increases when I drink more soda and eat more pizza and my skin breaks out too!  Our skin tells us what is going on inside our body whether it is a hormonal imbalance, or a bad diet.

#5  At Home Massage Therapy

There is a little bit of a misconception or preconception about in home massaging therapy.  I have tried a roller out before, I didn’t notice a change.  Embarrassing but I used to ask my boyfriend to massage my bum, in hopes that it would release some fat.  Then I heard about the FasciaBlaster, tried it out, didn’t think it worked; but 5 days after using it I was like what?? my thighs have less lumps and my skin looked healthier -more vibrant (youthful)!  I have been using the FasciaBlaster for over a year now and it is my most beloved cellulite treatment tool that I use!


These are the tools/resources that have earned me a better, firmer, and overall less cellulite body.





Starting with vitamins

In the Morning take your multi-vitamin + omega 3 or there are kits out there to take alone or in addition to your daily multi vitamin.


Firstly best stuff on the market for the treatment of cellulite is no doubt >



murad firm

Supplement helps reduce the appearance of cellulite from the inside out. Improves the visual texture of stretch marks and dimpled skin.

This supplement is for the purpose of firmer skin.

so if you can get this, it will be most optimal in a one step approach.

Otherwise here is the way to go on a smaller budget and still get the essential nutrients necessary>

Take a good daily multi-vitamin


In addition to your daily multi vitamin >


Gotu Kola Herb 180 caps from Nature’s Way

gotu kola

This is an herb that helps to decrease inflammation and increase blood flow supporting better circulation.  Many people have reported the reduction of their cellulite over time while ingesting a supplement that contains Gotu Kola.




I have been on the hunt for the best cellulite lotion since day one and I have come up with the fact that in order for the lotion to work effectively it must contain >  Caffeine (dilates blood vessels -giving a temporary tightened appearance) , Vitamin C (anti-inflammatory enzymes) and/or Aminophylline (bronchodilator -decreases fluid retention).


h cellulite formula

All natural essential oils.  Particularly the efficacy of vitamin C in Grapefruit and Lemon oils support high amounts of the anti-inflammatory enzyme bromelain; which is known to reduce the appearance of cellulite.  Plus the pure vitamin C in this formula also reveals more beautifully toned skin, because the ascorbic acid delivers antioxidants that not only help to reduce the look of cellulite; but actually correct and shield from UV damage.  It can be used on arms, legs, thighs, bum, tummy, love handles, basically anywhere that fat is, you can rub on the H-Cellulite Formula.



cellulite cream

Aminophyl ( a bronchodilator) generally used for the treatment of allergen specific conditions. Scientifically backed: Aminophylline dehydrates the skin which can reduce the dimpling look of cellulite.





The FasciaBlaster™ helps to loosen the fascia around muscles, bone, and fat.  It is proven to relieve joint and muscle pain, tension, nerve pinching sensations, and  releasing trapped fat, and improving muscle growth ~in addition to what it is capable of doing, it is convenient to use on your own.  It is a long bar with hand grippers on either end with 5 claw like massagers in the middle, extending from the claws are hard round balls that knead and massage your specific areas.  For safety plus beneficial reasons it is necessary to use an oil with the FasciaBlaster and I recommend the already mentioned H-Cellulite Formula.

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  1. christine comodo says:

    What can I do for creepy skin.

  2. Hi Christine,
    I believe Crepey skin happens from the slowing down of collagen and other factors like loss of moisture and sun exposure. Dermatologists recommend taking a collagen supplement and a good AHA lotion. I use an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) treatment on my face to prevent fine lines and help my scars diminish! Using an AHA also helps to produce more collagen at a faster pace then your body does on its own. I recommend Paula’s Choice RESIST Skin Revealing Body Lotion With 10% AHA. An aha treatment at a 10% level is well sufficient to make a difference! I take a collagen supplement everyday too! If you want help finding a good one I can help you!

  3. This is the collagen supplement that I use: ! I would use the capsules that I refer to in this post; but sadly I have a hard time swallowing pills so I have to look for alternatives!

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