Ashley Black FasciaBlaster Results

Ashley Black FasciaBlaster Results

Ashley Black FasciaBlaster Explained:

The fasciablaster was originally created for the purpose of loosening and reorganizing the fascia around joints, giving ones suffering from rheumatoid arthritis freedom from a potentially painful and debilitating disorder.  The Fascia Blaster has been proven to reduce and eliminate joint pain.  It also has become popular for it’s positive effects on the appearance of cellulite. It has become acknowledged by doctors, therapists (including massage therapists), sports figures, trainers and various others for eliminating pain (including nerve, muscle and joint pain), stiffness, bad circulation, and reduced the look of cellulite based on real results from real people. The FasciaBlaster tool has become a staple in many people’s weekly routine to stave off cellulite, pain and many more ailments!

What it does is breaks up and softens the fascia tissue that bonds our body together like glue.  By realigning the fascia and allowing fluids and fats to be released and flow correctly the fascia is able to become re-hydrated, thus maximizing the full potential of healthy fascia and eliminating trapped fat.  In addition regulating nerves and blood flow, enables muscle growth where it once was impeded by constricting tight and/or knotted fascia.  As you saw in the image above, it looks like a wand with claws.  The claws have smooth round balls at the end, which act as super powerful fingers per-se.  By massaging the body with the FasciaBlaster following the recommended technique along with plenty of Oil  ~ will encourage highly positive results!  It looks like a pretty simple tool, however the science behind it is the magic at work.  There are other types of devices that claim similar results; however the FasciaBlaster is the only tool on the market that breaks up fascia and delivers such highly proven results consistently!


Ashley Black FasciaBlaster Results

Hi I’m Molly! 

I am a momma of three!  I have a 13 year old, 8 year old, and 2 year old, just to give you an idea!  It seems like my body would somewhat recover and then I was going through it all over again.  I am finally getting my pre pregnancy body back!   
Ashley Black FasciaBlaster Results

The FasciaBlaster has got me a lot more motivated to work all the harder on bettering the look and feel of my body.  I had chronic lower back pain, which I started getting after my first child.  It would come and go and it seemed to get worse after every child!  Now after my third child I am finally resolving the problem and not just taking a pain pill everyday.  I started using the fasciablaster for my back pain and now I use it for cellulite too!  I have had serious cellulite and have struggled with weight throughout my life.     

In the beginning I used it every other day for my back pain for about 10 minute intervals, now I continue to use it 3 x times a week for my back to maintain control of the pain.  I was surprised how much it loosened up my back and basically gave me better movement with way less pain.

What Oil Do I Use and Where to Get It!

I use H-Cellulite Formula, it’s an anti-cellulite oil!   It works really well with the FasciaBlaster, and it specifically fights cellulite! I definitely see a change in the texture and density of my skin including, firmer and smoother appearance in my cellulite areas.  The oil you use kind of depends on preference; but I highly recommend a targeted oil, an oil that benefits your needs most optimally!  The consistency of h-cellulite is balanced and offers a perfect application for the FasciaBlaster™ to work correctly.   Once I’m done using the fasciablaster I rub in the oil and it absorbs nicely, no sticky, greasy stuff.  I am very satisfied with the results of both the h cellulite formula and the fasciablaster together!  You can get H-Cellulite Formula at it’s official site here!


fascia blaster reviews

” My thighs and butt have tightened and smoothed out so much!”

I had ugly cellulite on my butt and thighs since I was young, and got worse as I got older.  It took a while for me to get in a routine of using the fascia blaster regularly on my cellulite; but once I got the hang of it I swear I’ll never quit!  I started using it religiously 4 to 5 times a week about 15 to 20 minutes each night before bed and started seeing and feeling results after the first couple of uses and really saw significant results after my 8th week.  This really has been life changing for me.  I had in the past  worked out everyday for months and months and never saw the results like I have gotten with the addition of the fasciablaster™.  Even the way it feels is smoother and firmer!  I had deep pocketed cellulite that I thought was there to stay, but I see it less and less all the time.  The only negative is that you will get some bruising periodically, but I assure you this is normal!  I had the most bruising and some redness in the first couple of uses and then periodically after that.  The bruising seems to show up on the fat and when the bruising fades so does the cellulite, with every use fading a little more and a little more!  No worries though the bruising does not hurt (feels kind of tender). Overall I am happy with my results; but it only works with consistent use. The most noticeable results come after each use.


Ashley Black FasciaBlaster Results

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