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Hi and Welcome, it’s very nice to meet you!  I’m sure we’ll have a lot in common because I am a woman who has struggled with skin issues, hair, weight (cellulite),  brittle nails, chapped lips, and oh so many more problems, lol..  and I have tried many many products over the years. .  On my blog my goal is to find the best solutions for some of our cosmetic dilemma’s in life.

Let me start out saying:  I am an independent, unbiased blogger who tries products based on my personal needs.  I choose my products and try many and many of them I do not blog about (I do not smear or write negative comments, I am a nice person and I like to talk about products that worked the best for me).  I blog about ones that have truly and genuinely helped me live a happier lifestyle!  I do not work for anyone, I blog about stuff I use and like -for the purpose of benefiting you my viewer!

I am extremely critical of what I use for my face, body, and hair!  Ingredient efficacy matters to me most, even more then the packaging;).  How to know when ingredients are the best and are ones that are known to do what is expressed by the company?  First thing, you must know a bit about how certain ingredients effect skin.  Then you must know what kind of skin you have.  Then because the cosmetic world does not have to abide by the FDA approval standards (however cosmetics are put under stringent FDA regulations), you then base your third and final decision on reviewers!



Once upon a time, a lonngg time ago there was a little girl who was getting fat, had bad skin, and could’t tan for the life of her!  Until one day she endured enough bullying and all that jazz… so she rented a book at the library (because this was a loonnnggg time ago and she was only 12ish).   A book called the beauty bible and thus began her curious life of cosmetics and hygienic adventure!  She struggled with acne cysts, white freckly skin, and brittle hair all the while -starving herself skinny.  As she grew up and quit depending on approval of others for her self-worth, she began to see herself in a better light and found fulfillment in writing down her thoughts and getting to know the person that she was and not just the stigma of her appearance.  But because she learned so much on her mission to make herself pretty, she collected a stash of knowledge that she now shares with you on her blog mollysreview.com.



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“Living in the real world is rough, but learning from life experiences and becoming a stronger human is the best kind of progress! Building better character everyday is my greatest accomplishment! Come visit: changehabitschangelife.com community  -where habits can change your life!”

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Full Disclosure:  Some of the various linked products  are affiliate links and credit me a commission.  However I do not get paid to write my reviews.  Everything I talk about is organic and genuine from my experiences, from my choosing to use a product.  I have no biases and I strictly judge a product based on experience, evaluation, and product credibility.  I share with you my favorite products that have benefited me most!  Thankyou again for visiting, commenting, and any other support!